Friday, December 16, 2011

Fortune cookies aren't always wrong was Amy day. Yep, we had a day to appreciate our roommate Amy. She's wonderful in every day so we're doing everything she wants today. She wanted Chinese food so her wish was granted. I partook of a fortune cookie and LOOK at what I got. Is it strange that I honestly think there's something to this? haha Or do they just tell all of their customers that they'll journey to foreign lands? Unknown. But I'm not grumpy about them reenforcing my desire to travel the world. The end.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Compliments, chick-flick appreciation, and velvety skinnies.

  • Last night after work (it being about 1 am at this point) a lad was one of the last people leaving (it was country dancing night) and he stopped me and grabbed me by the arm and said, "I just want to tell you what a kind happy spirit you are. You are just always so happy and kind." I sold him a 25 cent cup of water and he came back for a refill. That was our only interaction that he based that off of. I've never had anyone stop me and say something like that. Very nice...also a little caught off guard. But nice.
  • Two finals down and uno to go! I have a final Friday morning, I work Saturday, and then am homeward bound on the beautiful Sabbath. Woot woot! I cannot wait for a three week vaca from my problems....if by problems I mean school and Blowsville.
  • I have seen the trailer for this wee flick more than 3 times and cannot wait to see it. Does this make me a sap? I dunno. Your call. But I think Miss McAdams is darling and Mr. Tatum doesn't ever seem to be a poor choice now does he? So yes, if you and I are in the same zipcode in mid-february, let's call it a date. :)

  • Recently heard around the house, "Sometimes my purple, velvety skinny jeans start to fall off my bottom." Point being: I am the owner of purple, velvety skinny jeans. Why? Because it's funny and because come-to-find-out, they're actually super fun and cute. The falling off part meaning that they needed to be washed so as to more properly fit my dear form.
  • The chap that my institute teacher was trying to hook me up with is coming over tonight for game night. If my institute teacher knew, he'd be so proud of himself I'm sure. Not like anything's happening with him or anything but he's cool enough to spend quality time with him outside of class.
  • Speaking of: tonight is our last Thursday night game night of the semester. I LOVE our game nights. Always a hilarious good time.
Love you all very berry much. If you're in Bootah county for the holidays, I vote that we see each others faces. Just saying.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Loving my distraction

So...lately I've rediscovered etsy. Dear me, what a lovely site that is. I'm quite sure that I spend more time on it than I need to but I usually end up saving some new favorite shops or items that eventually, perhaps, maybe someday if I can conjure up the funds, I might invest in. I found something today that I adore in every way. How wonderful is this skirt?! I have nothing but strong positive feelings for it. I would sell my bedspread for this skirt. And I love my bedspread.That's all. I'll finish my laundry and study now.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Loves: The latest haps

Latest haps:
  • I adore my job. We had a work Christmas party tonight and it was soooo fun. I got to bring a friend and so my good lass Kor accompanied me. Olive Garden catered, white elephant gift exchange, free arcade games afterward, rock band projected on the wall of the skating section, a bunch of sweet coupons for places around the valley, plus the people I work with are gems. Pleased. Very pleased.
  • I taught Sunday School again today. I was nervous to teach again because my last lesson was a flop. Nobody was participating and the silence made me want to jump off of London bridge into a canoe of porcupines. It was bad. But today went great! People participated. It felt nice...worth the effort I put into it.
  • Maybe I've googled mapped the village that I'll be living in when I go to Tanzania and have found where I'll be going to church, want to know how they dance/if they'll teach me, and can't stop thinking about how wonderful this crazy experience is going to be.
  • I came home from work last night and my roommates were playing "Just Dance 3". We might or might not have danced for four hours. haha Zero regrets. It was hilarious and I love any and every opportunity to dance.
  • My roommate Brianne is one of the kindest people I've met in real life. She's always doing the dishes, taking people up to campus and just does a lot of acts of service just out of the goodness of her heart. So I thought it was time we appreciated that. We celebrated "Brianne Appreciation Day" on Friday. We opened all of the doors for her, took her skating and to play pool, we had a cake made for her, and watched her favorite movie at night time. It was really fun and hilarious. She just needed to be appreciated for a whole day.
I'm successfully putting off studying for my social stats final tomorrow. I should probably get back to studying. :) Can't wait to go home for Christmas break in a week from this very day!! Woot woot!! I love the Christmas season. Can't wait to be back home with my family for a wee bit. Hope all is well wherever you all are. Lots of Blowgan love, Mals

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Grinning like a gittiot! Excitement is peak!

Guess who just got accepted to a humanitarian program for the summer?!? Yours truly!! I get to go to Tanzania for 4 months this summer and I couldn't be more ecstatic about finally being able to go to Africa and help people. I'm smiling like a fool and already planning on extra shifts to pick up so I can pay for this experience of a life time!!

Insert Blonde spazzy me here:

I just got interviewed yesterday and was feeling really nervous afterward. I've wanted to go to work in Africa for a really long time. The lady I interviewed with said I'd hear back from them either Wednesday or Thursday. Well...this morning in my 9:30 class I got an e-mail from them. I can't stop smiling. Bah!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

I just keep slamming you with loves

  • Thanks to my darling-to-look-at, yet tractionless boots, Humpty Dumpty is not the only one who had a great fall. That's correct my good friends, I was walking down a steep side walk and fell right on my glutey. Hilarious because I feel like that's something we all dread when there's snowfall.
  • Guess who is the Fun Parks employee of the month?!?!? That is right, yours truly. Feel free to label me an emotional sap for the fact that it genuinely made my day. I get my picture on the wall and a 20 buck bonus. So....feeling pretty fly at my job even though I hand out magic ink all day for 75 tickets.
  • I'm getting into herbal tea. Today I'm trying a Cinnamon Apple Spice flavor and dear me, it's delish. (One of my attempts to drink something other than Orange Juice.)
  • I AM loving that crap out of Parks and Recreation. I only started watching it last season, but it's hysterical. Safe to say that it's my new favorite show. I own the second season but have a lot of catching up to do. The characters are quirky in the best way possible and Tom and Ron usually make me laugh outloud every episode. Here's clip of Tom that pleases me on a consistent basis: (Warning: The quality is poor, though the hilarity makes up for it.)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Love is up and running...??

Here it be: Another post of little deets...or tails...about things that I have loved about my life lately.

  • I got a text at 11:00 at night from a co-work which said, "Dating advice?" haha He's a good friend and every shift we work together he asks me for dating advice. It's one of my favorite things. Yesterday at work he was asking me things I've liked about previous guys I've dated and at one point he said, "Wow. That's really good. I'm going to write that down." haha I love that. I don't know if my advice is actually THAT superb, but the fact that he values my opinion so much is flattering.
  • We had a devotional the other night and at one point, the lad across the aisle from me opened up his notebook and marked his scripture reading in the front. I'm pleased to inform you that he hasn't missed a day. haha Okay so I have no clue who he is, but when people are diligent about things like that, the little missionary in me is so happy...even if I don't know them.
  • My institute teacher is a gem. He's hysterical. And I'm pretty sure we're friends. He'll talk to me in front of the whole class and I've been getting the impression lately that he likes me so much that he wants to marry me off. haha Usually I would be irritated by this behavior, but because I think he's funny, it's therefore kind of endearing. A couple of weeks ago he came and sat by me before class and said, "So...Mallory, have you been going out with anyone from class? Is there anyone that's caught your eye? Do I need to provide more time for mingling?" haha He doesn't talk to other people about this. Nope. Just me. haha Today after class I was talking to a guy in our class and my teacher said from across the room, "So Mallory, who are you going on a date with this weekend?" I told him that I was working this weekend. "'s a guy supposed to ask you out?" I just said something like...just ask and we'll come up with something. The guy I was with said, "Well there's always Sunday." My institute teacher just smiled and looked pleased with himself. He is terrible at being discreet, but I find his intentions endearing.
  • We have a sign on our fridge that I find hilarious every time I pass it. It says, "You are what you eat....funny...I don't remember eating any sexy beasts lately." haha Excellency.
  • I cut my hair. It's shorter and I now have straight across bangs. I always go through an awkward phase of "why did I do that you git?!"...but I actually really love it now. It's nice to have a new look from time to time.
  • So...I've always hated washing my face morning and night. I found the solution! I have two different face washes that I use and for some reason, the fact that I use two makes the process entirely enjoyable. I put my ipod in, sing songs while doubling up on facial cleansing. It's a delight. It think I now enjoy facial hygiene more than ever before.
  • I bought new boots!! Dear me they are not repulsive to lay your eyes upon. My boots from last year have bitten the dust. There are holes all the way through the bottom and have taken a good lickin'. Hmmm....word choice? These boots are taller, an interesting color and...I'm clearly incapable of accurately describing them. I'll post a picture later? Point being, I'm currently pleased with my footwear. Functional yet sassy. Love it!
  • And just because I generally share some sort of musical delight, here is one of my new favorite tunes. This little group just completely rubs me the right way. I just love their chill sound and the fact that I just want to close my eyes and have them sing to me all the time. haha Hope you enjoy!

That's all for today folks. Hope you've noticed some loves lately.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Making up for lost times---concerts

So my journal from ages 0-20 is pretty much a joke. It's either when I was annoyed (usually something that seems so silly reading now) or when something "awesome" happened. Yeah. My journal entries have thankfully become a lot more worthwhile since then.I was just thinking the other day about how much I love music and going to concerts. I've heard a lot of my favorite musicians live and in the company of people that I adore. Unfortunately, because my journaling skills have been non-existent, I thought I'd write a post making up for lost times about the artists that I've heard live. So here they be:
  • "Colors" final concert--with Adam, Mindy, and our friends back in high school
  • One Republic--with Aubrey Allenbach Lee in 2008. We died laughing when the whole audience left after "Apologize". Good times.
  • Chris Merritt--
  • I've heard this man sing MANY times and hated it ZERO times. Seen him with Adam, Spencer, Mindy, Jacquel, Kate and Stephanie. I adore this man. He's like a cute keyboard playing, singing hobbit. That made him sound less cool than he is. I just couldn't get sick of him if I tried.
Steph, Kate and I got a picture with the good sir. I have yet to understand what it is that I'm doing with my left hand. haha
    Kate, Adam, Spenc and I at another one of Chris' concerts.
  • Love You Long Time--
LOVE these guys. Their clothes, style, music (obviously) and ability to be completely okay with who they are. They're just a fun, random little band that I enjoy when I need some dancing music.
Here's Kate, Steph, and I with the lead singer Oz. Yes we actually made t-shirts before the concert. haha We're just that cool.
  • Imagine Dragons--Fall semester 2011 with Mindy and Jeff. Oh dear me. One of my new favorites. My best friend Mindle's big bro is in the band. The more I listen to them, the more I adore their music. They just signed with a label and I'm so happy for them. They're really talented, write amazing music, put on a sick show and deserve all of the good things coming their way.
  • Matt Nathanson--
I saw him at a radio show with Mindy back before the mish. About a month ago I got to see him with Ashlee. He brings 13+ guitars and moves his hips like I've never seen a male do. It's fascinating. Love his music, he makes you laugh your face off, and love him even more as the concert goes on. Worthwhile, that man, worthwhile.
  • Kelly Clarkson--Birthday present from Mindy my senior year. I went with Stephanie Johnson. Kelly is ridiculous live. The woman has pipes! I think I was literally in paradise when I heard her perform. I knew every word of her breakaway album and was only bothered by the fact that I was restricted to a seat and couldn't shake it in a crowd of peers. ha ha
  • Nickel Creek--Dear me. Seen them twice--both times with Mindy and the whole Sermon clan. These guys are insanely talented. Their mandolinist makes me behave all kinds of awkwardly because I just adore him. At the first concert we got to go on stage at the end while they sang a few Christmas songs. Mindy and I kept yelling, "O Holy Night" (wanting them to sing it) and apparently they heard us and said they couldn't do that one--but we didn't hear we just kept yelling it. We laugh about it to this day. Also we got to meet them afterwards and I think I almost piddled. My eyes got all watery and I almost cried of joy when my parents asked how the concert went the next day. haha Love them.
  • David Archuleta--Stadium of Fire 2011. Come to find out I adore this young lads voice. Check! Went with Ryan and his family
  • Brad Paisley--Also Stadium of Fire 2011.
  • Faith Hill--I saw her and her darling husband with Adam, Cody and Aubs. They were both incredible live, I realized how much I love their music, and how darling they are together. Wow, what a sap. I would notice and comment on something like zat. I just remember Adam and I laughing at the guy who had ear plugs in because it was too loud.
  • Tim McGraw--
Besides seeing him in the concert with his wife, I also got to see him in TEXAS at a RODEO with Kim and Glenn Spring break 2011. We were far away, but the view from the jumbotron was enough to make me nauseous and realize that apparently I do, in fact, have a weak spot for cowboys. Didn't think that I did, but I do. He's wonderful.
  • Switchfoot--These tickets were a gift from Adam. Sooo sweet of him. He has always been a dear and thoughtful friend. I just remember being so overwhelmed by how nice and thoughtful it was of him to buy me tickets to a concert that he knew I'd like. I feel like he was on Heritage Tours or something and that's why he couldn't go with me. But I took Mindy and we had a solid good time togeth.
  • Rooney--
Love me some Rooney! I saw them the summer I got home from my mission with Ashlee. It was a small venue, their music was shake it worthy and some guy at the concert came up to me and said, "Do you wanna dance?" (in the middle of a concert, mind you) and I just looked at him with a quizzical brow and said, "I am dancing!". Kinda clever right?
  • Josh Groban--I did not want to be a Josh Groban fan, but Kori made me like him at BYU-Idaho. Kori, Hayley and I went to his concert before my mission. In our original seats, we couldn't tell if the opening singer was male or female. (We were in the Delta Center.) But we snuck down to better seats, were super close, and Hayley even got to touch his hand when he came over to our side of the stage. I don't think I even need to stress the significance of getting touched by the person you came to see do I?! haha So funny. Josh Groban take 2 was this summer with Ashlee.
We got told to settle down by a fellow concert attendee because Ash and I were hilariously shakin' it to "Machine". WHO gets asked to settle down at a Josh Groban concert? Oh yeah, we do.
  • Mika--
Oh my heart. I might, maybe, may be in love with this lad. Long curly brown locks, colored skinny jeans, and the man just happens to embody happiness. Kate and I stood out in the cold in SLC for several hours before we were let in. Apparently a lot of his equipment got stuck in a storm or something so he performed an acoustic show for us and it was incredible. The place was packed, everyone was sooo loud, and he's just so charming and lovely. Love his music, love that he reminds me of France, and love how fun and original he is.
  • Tally Hall--A band with men in skinny ties. Need I say more? I think I needn't.
  • Scars on 45--
Brits. They opened for Matt Nathanson and I loved their songs and commentary equally. They're charming and their music is great. I only own an EP or two, but somehow their 9 songs that I have were enough to hold me over on a 2 hour drive back to Blowgan. Just saying, somehow listening to their music over and over wasn't a bore.
  • Ocean Grove--This is the latest and greatest. Went with Ashlee, Chandler, and Mckenzie. I originally wanted to see Robert Schwartzman (who was supposed to be the opener) but he backed out. However, Ocean Grove was great, Mckenzie of course fell in love with one of the band members because he's male and she's a teenager, and the McArthur lass' have yet to disappoint me.
Anyway, super random and lengthy post. I just realized that with a lot of my life undocumented, maybe I should post little details from the past that have contributed to things that I enjoy (and friends that I enjoy) to this day.

I love music. I love how it can express how you feel in ways that speaking somehow can't. I love dancing around at concerts where it's socially acceptable to do so. I love sharing those moments with other people. I love how it's hilarious and sometimes embarrassing how a talented human being can somehow make you behave awkwardly and act nervously. It's certainly fun to laugh about afterwards. I love my life, music, and you. Hope you have beautiful Thanksgivings and that you see all of the details in your life that you can be thankful for. Lots of love! Mals

Friday, November 25, 2011

Recent quotes

Thanks for your advice on the previous post. I will be hat-hunting in the future weeks. :)

So I've just heard some funny things lately and I wanted to post them before I forgot them.

A customer was walking past me at work and was limping pretty bad. I said, "Are you okay?" And he just kept walking but said, "Yeah, I just got hit by a car but I'm okay." I said, "Uh, sir, do you need to go to the hospital?" He just hobbled toward the bathroom and said "no." ????

I was working in the skating area of the Fun Park, just getting people their size in skates. One little girl (she was probably 12) took her skates, sat down and said to her friends as she was putting them on, "I cannot even wait until I turn 16. Then I can work at Sonic and skate all the time." Wow. Way to dream big, little girl. I was dying. haha

I was watching "Diaries of a Mad Black Woman" because I love that show and find it humorous. There just happens to be a mightily sweet and attractive black male in that show. Mckenzie came in while I was watching it and said, "Mal, you're going to marry a black guy aren't you?" haha I have no idea actually, but that was funny.

Hope you all had great Thanksgivings!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Head coverage--Give it to me straight!

So let's talk about hats. I've never really been a hat wearer because I've always felt that my head size + hair size = gargantuan. So the idea of shoving my poofy hair under a hat and having the remains splurging out the bottom has always felt like a fashion faux-pas for me. However, I LOVE this certain type of winter hat. I love that they sit back on your head, I love that they're loose, and just seem chill but classy at the same time. Am I wrong or am I right?I love the different patterns, I love the different colors, I love all of it. The question ever remains however: Would I look like a goonie baby trying to shove my hair under one of these? I feel like it's much more possible than a tight beenie or something. That is one article of clothing that is just not in the cards for me. But I just love these hats and want so badly to like one of them on me.
Bah! Sooo cute right?! Am I the only person that thinks these are so adorable. Only problem being, I think if I do end up liking them on me, I'd probably want all three of these aaanddd I'm not even joking.
So here's where I'm sure I'll get some mixed reactions. I stumbled across this red hat and my first reaction was to laugh out loud because it seems super weird. But then I thought, "OR is it so weird that it's darling?" It's honestly kind of growing on me. Yep, I can fully acknowledge that it's completely ridiculous. But like I it cute ridiculous? It's definitely crazikins...but it's just the level of crazy that it kind of makes me want to give it a go. AND the lady has big hair under that hat. Which, to someone like me, is encouraging. Because I don't have straight thin locks that can just tuck in anywhere. So yeah, tell me your honest opinion. I really want to know. I'll probably agree with you either way because I see both sides. It's ridiculous and unnecessary. And yet, I kinda like it. Tell me your thoughts.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Continuing the love...

  • LOVE Utah State Basketball. We played BYU on Friday and the game was ridiculous. I loved it from start to finish. I'll try to post pics later.
  • Partook of some Mint Brownie ice cream this evening (it's the weekend so I'm allowed.) :) Dear me. I know I'm not supposed to have dairy, but on occasion I do. This particular instance was completely worth it because it was the lovechild of two flavor delights! Mint ice cream + brownie chunks. Yes. To all of the above, yes.
  • I had to host a birthday party on Saturday. It's moments like that that I don't take my job super seriously. Singing to the kids (that don't belong to me or anyone I know), cutting the cake, giving them balloons, etc. HOWEVER, them dropping me a $20 tip was a judo-chop of joy to the face. Didn't think I'd be scoring tips at the Fun Park but I will (and did) take it!
  • Gave the gospel doctrine lesson today. The class was surprisingly lifeless. It was like pulling teeth with tweezers trying to get any sort of response out of them. It was the weirdest thing. I kind of wanted to run face first into a cement wall. And yet, I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting too. That, went better. Probably because none of them had to do anything out of their comfort zone for it. P.S. Fasting and Fast offerings officially rock my socks.
  • Good hair days
  • The results of laundry day. Sometimes it feels like it takes a million brazilian years to sort, wash, and fold my laundry. But putting the last article of clothing in my drawer or in the closet is such a lovely feeling. Getting the elephant (that is my stack of worn clothes) out of the room and back to its proper place.
  • My school advisor and I met and he's getting me out of the history class that is a pain in the glutes. Thankful for that. I took American Heritage the summer I got home from the mish and my advisor told me last semester that they weren't accepting it so I needed to take one here. Well I asked him again (out of curiosity) and they DO accept that class so I don't need to be in the boresville class that I'm currently enrolled in. Glad to be done with that.
  • I wore blush today for the first time since...I dunno...junior high?? I was actually kind of okay with it. It was nice to have some sort of color to my face instead of the ever constant 'elmers glue' shade that I rock during the majority of the four seasons.
  • I just registered for my LAST semester of undergrad classes!!!! It's finally starting to feel a little bit real that college is going to be past tense for me. I'm glad I came back to USU for a second year because I really like it better this year. I am however, excited yet scared for the possibilities after graduation. I have lots to decide on, but lots to enjoy while I'm still here in school.
  • Also really, really love this british band called "Scars on 45". They opened for Matt Nathanson in a concert of his that I attended with my dear friend Ashlee. I loved every one of their songs and have yet to get sick of them.

Hope you've had some loves lately. Til next post!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Latest Loves

Been a wee bit since I posted some loves. So here they be:
  • Teaching Sunday School apparently. I never would have thought 5 years ago that I would be all for teaching Gospel Doctrine but I love my calling. I really enjoy it and learn a lot.
  • Games Nights. We have them every Thursday but there's another house that has them on Sunday. Naturally we make an appearance at both. I love being around other people. I consistently meet people that are fabulous discoveries and I enjoy people more that were previously just acquaintances. Love it.
  • Getting a perfect score on my Sociology of Gender paper! Woot woot! It's partially a success because my first test in that class was...not a perfect score, so anytime I can ace anything in that class I get a twinge of satisfaction.
  • My job. I love my job. Yeah I realize that it's not prestigious and it's not going to be the ultimate selling point on my resume, but I'm really blessed to have it. It works with my schedule like a charm. And the people that I work with are gems. The job search was a lengthy process but this one was worth the wait.
  • Orange Juice. Fact. I adore orange juice. In part, I'm sure, because my Medical Sociology teacher talked for a long time about the health benefits of Vitamin D, I guzzle OJ down on a daily basis being consistently pleased.
  • Great conversation with fam and friends. There is something awfully satisfying about a phone call from a loved one that is clearly invested in you that somehow makes any difficulty seem minuscule.
  • Meeting males that redeem the lack of hope I sometimes have in that sex. I have some sort of beacon that attracts jerks for some reason and I am just honestly thankful for the genuinely good, kind males that I meet that help me remember how wonderful some of them are. It gives me hope.
  • Stretching. Odd right? I remember I used to feel some version of distain toward stretching. I just never saw the point and it seemed like a waste of time. On. The. Contrary. I love stretching before a run. It feels like hot chocolate tastes: sooo good. And I love seeing my flexibility progress. Nerdy?? Chances are good.
  • Hulu. It's something that I try to only do on the weekends. But can I tell you a few of my new favorite shows? Last Man Standing--I genuinely enjoy Tim Allen. New Girl--Zoey Deschanel makes me laugh out loud. One Upon A Time--It officially took me three episodes to get into it, but I'm digging it. I wish so badly sometimes that I could pull off a Ginnifer Goodwins cute, short haircut. She's beautiful in such an original, not mainstream way.
  • Music. Even if I'm just making a quick trip to the store, I want my music on. It's just a big part of my life. I love to sing and dance and can't imagine a life without music. It's just Mmm Mmm good. Speaking of, I'm adoring this Coldplay song. And I love that such a famous band did something completely random and not mainstream for their vid. It's just weird enough to make me smirk and think, "Who ARE you guys? Oh yeah, you're awesome."

So things are going well here in Blowsville. I hope you've all noticed some "loves" in your day as well. Chances are that you have been and/or are some of mine. :) Good night!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Apartment Goal Setting

I went for a walk last night with one of my favorite people on the planet: my roommate Amy. We were talking about different things we wanted to change and work on. After realizing that we had similar things in common under those categories, we decided to set some goals together. So check out what we've decided to do:
1. Healthy Eating
a.) No eating after 8:30 p.m.
b.) Eating at least 4 servings of fruits/vegetables
c.) Only can spend $2 eating out a week---if not used, can be saved week to week.
i.) Only buy things on your list--only things you need--ingredients for a meal.
d.) Must make a new meal weekly--one we've never tried before.
i.) Eat 2 meals a week together.
2. How to be fitt---Let's get physical, physical
a.) CARDIO five times a week--40 minutes
b.) 5 day abs EVERY DAY at 9:30 p.m.--except for Sunday
c.) Bedtime at 10:30 p.m.
d.) Wake up at 6:30 (or 7:30) Amy will be easing into 2c and 2d.
3. Time Management
a.) Facebook--15 minutes twice a day
b.) Monday-Friday: No hulu--no internet tv, movies, youtube, etc
c.) Constructive ways to fill your newly found time--read a book, get homework done early, quality scripture study, write in your journal, write a letter, service, etc.
4. Churchy goodness
a.) Temple attendance--once a month
b.) Be ten minutes early to church to read the scriptures/mentally prepare.
c.) Scripture study
i.) Personal in the morning (at least 15 minutes).
ii.) Roommate in the evening. After abs. 1 chapter.
d.) Roommate prayer after scripture study.
e.) Go to FHE every Monday.
5. Roommate/social
a.) Every Thursday night we have to invite at least one other apartment over.
b.) Dance party? Book club?...something hilarious TBD

Anyway I just got so stoked about all of these goals because I've just been feeling like I haven't been progressing very much lately and I feel like making these tweaks will be super helpful to be more effective with my time, be happier, spiritually in tune, and still be able to have a solid good time. I'm just excited about all of this and felt like posting it. Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Endure It Well"

I read a talk today that I really needed. It's called "Endure It Well" by Elder Neal A. Maxwell. I don't really have a hard time with the "why me?" attitude, but rather I feel frustrated if I can't understand the purpose/lesson behind challenges that I face. I know that every challenge or trial has a purpose and is for my overall growth and progression. I think I just have a hard time letting it go on as long as it needs to. Sometimes I just want God to tell me the purpose behind trials right when I recognize them. So this talk was really helpful for me to understand the need for patience during trials and the purpose behind their longevity. I need to stop asking to understand the lesson at the beginning of the trial and instead, endure it well, and realize that I'll understand more in retrospect than if He tells me the lesson for a trial that I haven't yet fully endured. I hope that makes sense. Here are a few favorite quotes. Spiritual deliciousness.

In any case, brothers and sisters, how could there be refining fires without enduring some heat? Or greater patience without enduring some instructive waiting? Or more empathy without bearing one another’s burdens—not only that others’ burdens may be lightened, but that we may be enlightened through greater empathy? How can there be later magnification without enduring some present deprivation?

Moreover, we find that sorrow can actually enlarge the mind and heart in order to “give place,” expanded space for later joy.

Otherwise, if certain mortal experiences were cut short, it would be like pulling up a flower to see how the roots are doing. Put another way, too many anxious openings of the oven door, and the cake falls instead of rising. Moreover, enforced change usually does not last, while productive enduring can ingrain permanent change. (See Alma 32:13–16.)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Males: Anti-parties and institute twists

So as you probably know, I think random, themed parties are always a good time. As you'll see from this post, they're not always the mature and dignified kind. haha Last semester, we uh...had a "man hating" party. Yes, we are 5 years old. My roommate and I had just been on some pretty terrible dates, we were feeling frustrated with the guys that we were interested in that weren't asking us out, and the guys we weren't interested in WERE asking us out...and weren't always on their best behavior during the date let's say. So we had ourselves a themed party.
It was all planned out. We made a big man cookie, made and decorated party hats...just making funny comments on them as a way of expressing our frustrations, and in closing we watched "John Tucker Must Die". haha Yes, this all happened and it was hilarious and satisfying.
haha I love Tinille. And she makes a good point. Why would we be all giddy and grinny at a party celebrating a gender that has been giving us nothing but stress?? haha
Whitney's party hat. haha I die laughing looking at all of these photos because...who does this?!? We do. And we laugh about it the whole time. Are we really full of rage and anger toward men? Not in the least. But yes, sometimes a ridiculous themed party is just what we needed to get through a string of bad male experiences.

So although I genuinely thought this evening was hilarious, I feel like I haven't posted it until now perhaps in part because there's more to be said. As a general rule, dating post-mission has been alright. Yes, as you know and have read, I've gone out with some...unique lads, but I hope I don't ever come across as a boy-basher. The guys I've dated since I've been home have been nothing but kind to me. I'm pretty protective of myself from some pre-mish experiences, and I can honestly be nothing but grateful to the guys that I've dated since the mission. They've been so kind to me, clearly cared for me, and treated me like I mattered. So yes, I jokingly complain about some of the awkward guy experiences I have, but I've been blessed to date some great guys who've seen me and treated me like a wonderful, worthwhile, beautiful lady. I do feel fortunate.

In my "Prep for Eternal Hitching" class this last week, we've been talking about the differences between males and females. There are a lot of quotes from general authorities that talk about how wonderful women are. We were reading general authority quotes and writing qualities that each gender has on the board according to what the quote said. There was a long list of beautiful qualities for women and under men it said, "Aggressive and competitive." haha I think there just aren't a lot of quotes when they point out male qualities...they just usually give those types of talks to women it seems. Well one of the guys in my class raised his hand and said, "I hope this doesn't sound bad but...I feel like we're always getting told that women are better than us. It just kind of makes me feel like less and wonder what good qualities I have." The teacher then asked us girls in the class to come up with some qualities that we could put on the board in the "men" category--qualities that men have that we're grateful for.

I sat there pondering what qualities I truly appreciate about men. It was kind of an interesting experience because it hadn't really crossed my mind before--thinking about what qualities males (in general) have, that I admire. Well I've thought about it, and wanted to write some down.

I love that they're genuinely willing to help and fix whatever is not going right in your life. Sometimes it's frustrating for me and for them because they can't actually fix it. But the fact that they care enough to ask and be there honestly means the world to me.

A lot of men in my life are dear friends. Men can make great friends. They're fun to be around, easy to talk to, and always have a new perspective or good advice.

I'm afraid I haven't always appreciated the priesthood to the extent that I do now. I am so thankful for worthy priesthood holders. The fact that they're willing to stay worthy and live good lives in order to obtain a gift that is only theirs for the purpose of serving others, is a beautiful, selfless quality. Through the priesthood, I have been healed, comforted, blessed, instructed, and reminded of the closeness of my Father in Heaven and His very personal relationship with and awareness of me. I admire men for being worthy to hold the priesthood and being kind and helpful about using it.

I can't quite find words for it, but I think about all of the men in my life and can only imagine how different of a human being I'd be without them. I've learned a lot from them. I respect them. I value their opinions and our friendship. They have definitely left an impact on me and who I am. I don't think men really understand how much of an influence they have on the world and the people around them. Yes, I absolutely believe that women and mothers have a massive impact (I can write a massive post on that another time). But I also think that men make contributions that they're unaware of...and that we (or at least I) forget how grateful I should be for.

I hope that guy in my institute class didn't walk away feeling unvalued and unimportant. I know his comment was a good opportunity for me to reflect on why I'm thankful for the men in my life. I probably should be better at letting them know. I hope they don't ever wonder, like the boy in my class, if they have value or if I value them. Because I do. I might occasionally have evenings when I feel frustrated because certain members of their sex aren't representing them well, but I think they're wonderful. Just thought you should know.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friends and Visitors

So I haven't posted for a wee bit. Not because there's not a lot going on...mostly just because I don't know how much of it is valuable to anyone else but me. Though, I suppose, that's what I think before posting anything on this blog own excuse has just been rendered invalid.

First of all, panic attack...also...apparently exaggeration. The fifteenth of October is in the past. It is not only my lovely mamas b-day, but also the date that I entered the MTC back in 2008. It's super bizzarre to look back and think that whole wonderful experience began 3 YEARS ago. How is that supposed to make me feel anything but elderly? I've also been home as long as I was gone. The stress-case in me gets worried because I wonder how I could ever do as much good in any year-and-a-half space of time as I did as a missionary. I know that I've done great things and I've learned so much since I've been home...but I still long for Italy sometimes. I still find days that I have to convince myself that my mission wasn't a dream. But it really wasn't. I forget my dreams 10 minutes after I awake. And my mission is in my thoughts daily. Clearly not a dream.

I went to the mission reunion a couple of weeks ago. I never tire of seeing fellow missionaries from my mission. There's a type of love and respect for each other that...I dunno...just doesn't form between fellow students in Sociology classes, for example. Something about being able to see someones growth as a missionary and inner strength as a person is so beautiful. Miss Layne Watson and I will always have a super tight bond. We were in the same MTC group, would always spend our PE time talking while working out, wrote each other throughout our missions, and are dear friends after. It is a friendship that's nothing but satisfying to me. I hope everyone has a friendship like this. I learn so much from her, laugh my face of with her, and yet am inspired to be better around her. I just love the mutual love that we have for each other. We adore each other. Everyone deserves to be genuinely adored. Satisfying and beautiful.

We got Aubs for breakfast while Russ was golfing. We went to eat at Angie's. It's just a random local place that apparently, according to the slogan, the locals dig on a consistent basis. Yes, apparently my eyes are uber sensitive and I squint like mad when the sun merely glances my way.

Jacquel got home from her mish this summer and I was employed VERY part-time so we were able to spend a lot of time together. One of my favorite things was star-gazing with her. Do I actually know how to find any constellations? Err...not really. First of all, it's free. So I now keep a blanket in my trunk at all times because sometimes star gazing sounds so delightful and just must be done. Something about staring at the stars helps me gain perspective. Our talks under the stars somehow always seem profound, though I'm sure it's just because I'm looking at something beautiful and majestic while it's all going down. Love this lady. She's wonderful.
Aubrey and I always have a blast together. We have very similar humors and therefore, sometimes forget to filter what we say. It's not ever just not always politically correct. And the fact that we've lived in Europe together and witnessed many-a-person take peace sign pictures...we feel like we can do it in front of the "local" restaurant. Something about acting like gits and standing out just to remind ourselves of Europe is the type of behavior we indulge in on a regular basis. Good times.
Anywho, yet again, random post. I think I just sometimes get the feelings that I should just stop and do appreciations posts. You know? I have a GRUNDLE of nonsensical parties and thoughts that I post on here. But sometimes there's just something lovely about stepping back and finding life and the people in it beautiful. That's all. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guest Speaker

So in my Sociology of Gender class we had a guest speaker: a cross dresser.

I kid you not. An adult male, probably mid to late 40's, in a dress, heels, whig on, and make up.

I walked into class, saw the guest speaker, took my seat, and wondered how the next 50 minutes of my life were going to play out.

For the most part, it was quite interesting. He wasn't pushy or defensive about what he does. It was okay with him if we thought it was weird. He was just there to explain why he does it and give us some perspective. I think because he wasn't pushy or anything, it was easier for me to be open minded.

He argues that women cross dress everyday (wearing pants, t-shirts, tennis shoes etc) so it's only fair that men get to cross dress sometimes too. I don't really agree with this though (the idea that women cross dress everyday) because I wear pants for comfort and practical purposes--not with the intention of being more masculine or more like men.

Another thing that surprised me is that he's married with children. Getting all gussied up is apparently just something that he does as a "hobby" he calls it. He said he doesn't feel like he was born in the wrong body, but dressing like a woman is just something fun for him to do from time to time. When he's dressed that way, he still talks with his normal voice...which is kind of hard to get used to. haha Nothing high pitched or feminine, he just speaks with the low voice that he has. His wife and kids know that he does it but no one else does--not his neighbors, co-workers, etc. He dresses like a man around them.

I don't know why I'm telling you guys about this. It was an interesting experience. He was very nice. And while I don't agree with what he does (I think it mostly bothers me because he has a wife and children and I would think that'd be hard) it was interesting being exposed to somebody that's not the "norm".

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Star Wars IV-V marathon

I've never seen the original Star Wars flicks. So we decided to have a movie marathon...we watched two of them in one night.

The graphics are comical.

So many funny lines. "Where could he be?!"

We've unanimously decided that we'd rather date Han Solo than Luke.

Why did Darth Vadar choose the moment right after he cut off Luke's arm to tell him that he was his papa? The timing of that was just...unsavory.

Some of my favorite parts were the commentary coming from the spectators.

"Maybe I'm just hungry, but does Chewy look like walking pulled pork to anybody else?"

"I feel like Bear Grylls did something like this in one of his episodes."
"What? He also killed an abominable snowman with a light saber?"

Tomorrow I have to go for a long run, 8 hours of work and then apparently we're finishing the last one. I'll let you know how it goes. :) G'night!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I've been really digging my jogs lately. Maybe it's something in the air, but they've just felt extra satisfying lately. The other day however, about a mile and a half in....I turfed it.

So all of a sudden, I'm on the sidewalk and kind of unsure how to recover from such an incident...and is it possible to maintain any dignity or cool? I just rolled over, sat up, got in the straddles and...acted like I was stretching. ??? haha I realized right after I started doing it that NOBODY watching the incident would have ever believed that what I just did was planned and I just wanted to stretch mid-run. I just got up and kept running. These cute old guys on their porch said, "Miss, are you hurt?". Oh please don't be so sweet to me or I'll probably cry. Embarrassment + genuine kindness = me tearing right on up. It's all good in the hood. I was pleased with the lil' bruise--some cool shades of purple. I just wish I had a cool story with it. Who's going to be impressed with, "Oh yeah this? I just fell on my face while lifting my legs one at a time at a rapid pace." Yeah...definite loss of cool points I feel.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The latest haps

  • You know that little compartment between the drivers seat and that of the passenger? Yes, well I opened it yesterday and found a Redbox flick. I don't know how long it has been in there. Part of me wanted to laugh, the other part (the one that was thinking of my bank account) wanted to throw up. haha Good one Mal.
  • I currently have been listening to a lot of David Archuletta. Who's a spaz? Yup, pick me. Especially today, for some reason I was just being rubbed the right way by his tunes and therefore they were the obvious choice on my Logan de-stressifying drive.
  • My jog yesterday was all I ever wanted. It was really nice. There's something so satisfying about running to me. I love it. I need new shoes though. I've had my current ones for a year and a half (which I don't know if that's a long or short about of time) but they have a hole in the bottom going right through. Hmm...not a problem as long as there aren't puddles right?
  • I had a U.S. History test on Friday and didn't go fantastically, I fear. It almost made me feel unpatriotic. Who am I to not be super knowledgeable about my homeland?
  • So I've been a wee bit of a girl lately...which I have found annoying...and I've been searching for some closure from a certain lad. I don't understand how to get it. I kind of just want to drop an a-bomb on my feelings and have them go away. I've talked to my fav roomies, googled it, and have just decided that closure is at the top of my list of things that Ol' Saint Nick can bring me for Christmas.
  • My first day of teaching Gospel Doctrine was today. It probably takes me more time than the average Joe to study up and feel confident with it, but I loved teaching today. How funny that I've been avoiding this calling for years and it turns out to be one that I really enjoy. Outside of my comfort zone and yet, I like it there. haha It was fun. It's going to take a lot of work, but thus far it's been worth it.
Well I am going to sleep because I have a test tomorrow. But perhaps later this week I'll post about an "alliance" that we're forming. It's a hilarious plan we've come up with and I'm stoked for it to come about. Til then!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


"Get that corn outta my face!" haha So we had some peeps over for a Nacho Libre party last night. It was great. We had corn on a stick, played some card games and watched the film while passing around chips and salsa. Simple, fun, themed hilarity.

Roomate pic. Kim, me, Amy, and Brianne. I have positive feelings for one and all. haha

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paint Dance

Today was grand for so many reasons. First of all, I have found employment!! Can I get a woot woot?!? I will be working at the Fun Park. It's kind of a cool story how it all played out but I have a job! I will have some sort of income and another social outlet. Love, love, love.

Also, how lovely was it of USU to have a dance the same night?! There was a glow-in-the-dark paint dance on campus which was ridiculously fun. Tons more people came this year than last year. Essentially, there's a DJ, lots of music-some of which is naturally lame, but they have big tubes at the front spraying glow-in-the-dark paint on everybody. And then they had black lights shining out into all of us so that none of it went unnoticed. It looked super cool and was just so fun to let loose and shake it like a wet border collie. It was pretty rad. One of my roomies came and one of bestest pals Kori came. A lot of the paint you can't actually see in the picture because it seems faint and pastelly in the light. But we got paint splattered all over us, danced our little hearts out, and are now ready for bed. This is one of those days that I really love this phase of my life. I can go out and dance, play, laugh my face off, and have the best of times with my friends and get just enough sleep before my two institute classes tomorrow morning. Sometimes I feel like good days get overlooked. So let it be known: Good day today. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hilarious French Man + Gymnastics Prank = Hilarity

Tonight was fabulous. We went to the USU vs BYU hockey game. It was brilliant. Especially since the only thing I know about the sport, I have learned from the Mighty Ducks triology. Not joking. I kept waiting/hoping they'd break into the "Flying V".

We came home and watched some hilarious vids. I just have a deep appreciation for people who make their own fun. Therefore, a man like Remi Gaillard does nothing but make me laugh. He's nuts but absolutely hilarious. His pranks are always one of a kind and usually involve some sort of over-the-top costume. He's hilarious. He makes everything awkward. And all things awkward please me. haha So here's a wee taste:

We later had some people over for cookies and ice cream and just talked and laughed for a while. I have discovered that humor is a definite must for me. I've dated some really sweet guys that...are just kind of boring. The friends that came over tonight are just super fun and...the opposite of boring in every way. I love that. I enjoy finding joy and humor in my life and I just genuinely appreciate the people that make those things easy to notice.

I then stayed up with two of my roomies until...oh...late. I ADORE my roommates. We just have so much fun together and get along like a charm. I lucked out big time. I totally brought my camera with me this evening in hopes of taking pics. Yeah, that didn't happen. :( There are more parties and good times to be had. We'll have to remember to make a passerby capture them in digital form for us. Til then, enjoy Remi and all of his hilarity. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More male peculiarities here in Blowgan...

There's a guy in one of the classes for my major. Initial observations: He's quiet, tall, has a kind of low monotone voice, he's really chill, I know he plays the guitar, from Virginia, seems like he could be pretty cool. I dunno, I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. So last weekend we hung out A LOT. Friday from 7:30-2:00a.m. It was lengthy. Then Saturday he wanted to meet up with us at the game. He came and sat by me from half-time to the end and...he didn't stop talking. haha

Him: "Did you see the Womens soccer game--USA vs. Brazil?"
Me: "Nope."
Him: "Aw, man I cannot believe you missed out on that match. Let me tell you what happened."
He then proceeds a 20 minute play-by-play of what happened with that match. Call me crazy, but I feel like if that match was important to me, I would have seen it. The fact that I missed it, shows that it is really not high on my priority list. Just saying. You could assume that and be correct.
He told me that one of the girls was wearing a pink sports bra under her shirt. He chuckles. "She's such a girl."

Later highlights of the evening include him telling me the play-by-plays of EVERY injury he's ever obtained from skate boarding. "Yeah, I've had like a bunch of concussions. My mom never knew about any of them. Well...technically they were just self-diagnosed." Nice.

Chatterbox. He was talking the whole last half of the game. I MAYBE said five words. And he ignored all of them, ploughing through his stories that he was determined to tell. The game finally ended and we were going to go with a group of friends to get a pizza. He suggested that afterwards we could watch a movie at his house. How un-Christlike of me is it that I honestly thought, "As long as there won't be talking, I'm in." haha

On our way to the car he says, "So you know how one of the main bonuses to getting married is sex right?"
Me: (Speechless. I am comfortable talking about this subject with certain people, but sportsy ramblekins is not one of them. I've known him for 2.5 days and WHY is he bringing this up?!)
Him: Well in my mission all of us elders would talk about the honeymoon at night and how it was going to be.
Me: (Continued silence. Is this guy for real?)
Him: So I got this companion that hadn't been out very long and our first night together, I brought it up and he was like, "what?!". (chuckle chuckle chuckle)
Me: Yes, I imagine that would have been quite the shock for him. He thought he was signing up for 2 years of teaching the gospel and talking to people about Jesus. So naturally you throwing in that subject matter would make him uncomfortable.

I had to go early to church to get a calling. When I finished meeting with the bishopric member, I had like a half hour before church started. Perfect, I thought, I'll just stay here and read my scriptures in the meantime. Perfect mental preparation.
This very nice guy came like 20 minutes later and asked if he could sit by me. We made small talk for a bit. The usual-what's your major? Where are you from? etc. Well at one point he says to me, "I feel like I know everything about you."
I just laughed and said, "Oh, well, there's a little more to me than that. Just a little."
He laughed then got all serious and said, "Well I am really interested in getting to know you better."
My roommate sitting on the other side of me started laughing. Nice. Umm...."Well maybe we can work that out." was all I could think of to say. I just kept hoping that he wasn't going to ask me out before sacrament meeting. I'm just not in the mental state to flirt or ward off flirting at the moment. We'll see what happens with that. Always funny moments here in Blowgan. Mal

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

John Andreas Widtsoe

I have two institute classes. I love them both. One of them has been talking about goal-setting this week. It's the EXACT lesson that I've been needing. I've kind of felt like I've been in a progressional rut. And for a while now I've known that I needed to take some time to reflect and set goals. So today I started reading ahead in the manual and found a really cool story about a man named John Andreas Widtsoe. He wrote the following lines on some lined paper:
"I realize that happiness in old age consists of reviewing a life devoid from great sins; and gratification of noble desires manfully carried out..."

He wrote out 17 resolutions. He ended up attending Harvard University and served in the quorum of the twelve apostles. I read over his 17 resolutions in complete awe of this mans pure desires, awareness of the value of time, and resolution to accomplish and do good starting with the details. I won't write all of them out for you but here are some of my favorites of his resolutions:

1st. That religion, the science of sciences, be made my chief concernment throughout life.
2nd. That I will daily pray to God in secret.
3rd. That I will daily reflect upon God and his attributes and try to become like Him.
4th. That I will receive Light, Wisdom, or Knowledge, wherever or however it may be offered.
6th. That I never lose one moment of time but improve it.
7th. That I maintain strict temperance in eating and drinking.
8th. That I never do anything that I would not do were it the last hour of my life.
10th. That in any narrations I speak nothing but the pure and simple verity.
14th. That I seek to overcome the habit of being quick tempered, loud speaking, impatient motions or whatever might offend my fellowmen and hurt me.
16th. That I complete every task which I begin; also that I carefully consider my purpose and its results before taking upon me any duty.
17th. That I always remember that the men and women I meet are my brothers and sisters and that I look to the beam in my own eye before attempting to remove the mote in my fellow's eye.

Wow. I really left my apartment so I could think and ponder on who I want to be. It really was so satisfying and just made my whole day better when I took some honest time to evaluate what I'm doing, things I want to change, and the things I want to do. Is this quote by Marianne Williamson overused? Because I still love it every time:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Isn't that lovely? I just really believe that we all have potential to make a difference in the world and in one anothers lives. But today was a great awakening for me to realize that if I'm going to do great things, I need to start acting like it. I need to use my time wisely. I need to make plans, set goals, have resolutions. Doesn't that sound more decisive than "goal"? I love that his resolutions weren't even anything worldly. These resolutions undoubtedly contributed to his character--which should be what we're ultimately trying to refine right? It just made me refocus the kinds of goals that I've been setting and the vision of who I want to be and how I want to get there. Wow, sorry I've been so seriously lately in my postings. I will have to post something fun next time. Til then, Mal

Monday, September 12, 2011

Judging my own self as I'm writing this.

So...I have this problem. The other day I was sick of doing a lame reading assignment so I decided to do something that I do sometimes--Look at pictures of where I've been, want to go, people that I want to meet/help, etc. If only this type of activity were fulfilling instead of blatantly pathetic. Just wait. It gets worse.

Not only do I spend my time looking through pictures of my past and googling pictures of possible futures, but it causes...some sort of emotional reaction that is entirely involuntary. My throat starts to tighten up, my eyes start to get moist, and there is some sort of rush in my chest that seems to trigger and encourage the first two. So...what is THAT about?! I feel like an alien experiencing emotion for the first time. It just comes over me...when I look at photographs mind you. I feel silly even trying to explain it.

I didn't used to be this way. I really didn't. I blame many of my problems on my three month excursion the nauseatingly not overrated Paris, France though lets be serious, a year and a half in Italy is certainly a contributing factor. I guess it could be because it's been in my travels out of the country where I've really learned and felt things that I'd never felt/understood before. Seeing possibilities, experiencing curiosity, recognizing previously undiscovered potential, and the rush of feeling like there's no place else you'd rather be--and more than that, that you feel like you fit there.

For instance, it happens EVERY time I look at pictures of children in Africa. Call me an emotional wreck, but I see their beautiful faces and I just want to hold them. I want them to feel loved. I feel like I already love them and we don't even know each other. I want to play with them. I want to laugh with them. I want to dance with them. In my mind, as I'm irrationally fantasizing about a possible excursion to Africa, I'm sure the experience would fill me with immense joy and love. And yet I WOULD cry like an infant the day I'd have to leave. I get easily attached I suppose. I like people without them having to try to win me over. Therefore, a few pictures of darling children from a continent that I have been longing to go to, and... cue the emotional wreck.
Naturally Italy and France hold strong emotional ties for me. I've never fallen in love with a male but I have most definitely fallen in love with two lovely countries. It's weird how a place and your experiences there can give something to you. Make you stronger, make you think, make you understand, re-evaluate, feel something you didn't think you could....I don't know if any of this makes sense. I guess I've just been thinking about plans that I have for the future. I know that right now these aren't really options but they will be eventually. I clearly want them bad enough--just ask my body that physically reacts when I see pictures of people that I've never met. (yeah, I realize that I sound silly. Tant pis.) So if I want it that bad, I'll find a way to eventually make it happen.

Can I just close with a couple of quotes from one of my dearest friends-Joseph Johannes. He was in my last area--Rome 3. He's from Ethiopia and he is one of those people that I knew without a doubt I needed to meet. I love him very berry much. Teaching him was incredible because he was both 1. incredibly intelligent and yet 2. remarkably humble. I learned quickly into teaching him that I needed to write down things that he said because they were beautiful in their simplicity.

"You know what, I feel good when I do something for someone else. I wonder if God commands us to give service partly because He knows it'll make us feel good." Isn't that sweet?

"You were made in the image of God. You can do anything." Mmm.

"You were made in the image of God. And God is beautiful."

If these little diddies don't bring happiness, I know few things that will. Love to all. Til my next post!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Un...comfort zone

Missed a call from a phone number of this area code this morning.

They left a message.

Appointment with the bishop.

Natural thought: Calling.

Afterthought: Gospel Doctrine Teacher.

Wincing, pushing the thought from my mind, I think, "R.S. Teacher perhaps." But what keeps coming to my mind? Exactly what I've been trying to avoid for a long time. Gospel Doctrine Teacher.

I go to meet with the Bishopric member. We sit down, small talk, they say they've all been thinking about callings and my name came up several times for a certain calling. Gospel Doctrine Teacher. Thankfully I had it lingering in my head all morning so when he finally said it out loud I was more used to the idea.

I really enjoy teaching. I like preparing, I love when the time actually comes to teach and being able to hear from everybody in the class. But yeah, for some reason I've always had a pansy mentality about Gospel Doctrine Teacher. It has freaked me out and had me under the impression that there's no way I could be further out of my comfort zone. The Bishopric member said, "So how do you feel about it?" haha I said, "Nervous. But if it's what you want me to do then I'm game." haha Yipes. If I call you for advice and stories when I'm preparing for a lesson, just humor me k? Yeah, this is going to put me right on out of my comfort zone. But that's okay. Because there is zero personal growth in the comfort zone. So...this should be fun.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Loving everything about love and charity

I LOVE "The Great Commandment" talk by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. One of my favorite missionaries did a training using this talk and it was one of the coolest experiences. There were key points in my mission where I was able to reflect on charity and my need to implement it more fully into my life, the work, and my character. What is it really? How can I get it to seep into every aspect of my life? This talk is one that I read with a constant hum of "Mmm" because it's so delicious to think about. A few favorite thoughts:

  • Now, for us, the measure of our love is the measure of the greatness of our souls
  • "A man filled with the love of God, is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the whole world, anxious to bless the whole human race." Joseph Smith
  • Love is the beginning, the middle, and the end of the pathway of discipleship. It comforts, counsels, cures, and consoles.
  • Sometimes the greatest love is not found in the dramatic scenes that poets and writers immortalize. Often, the greatest manifestations of love are the simple acts of kindness and caring we extend to those we meet along the path of life.
  • We see ourselves in terms of yesterday and today. Our Heavenly Father sees us in terms of forever. Although we might settle for less, Heavenly Father won't, for He sees us as the glorious beings we are capable of becoming.
  • The greater the measure of our love, the greater is our joy. In the end, the development of such love is the true measure of success in life.
  • Love is the greatest of all the commandments-all others hang upon it. It is our focus as followers of the living Christ. It is the one trait that, if developed, will most improve our lives.
  • Because He loves us, He has provided prophets and apostles to guide us in our time. He has given us the Holy Ghost, who teaches, comforts, and inspires. He has given us His scriptures. And I am grateful beyond description that He has given to each of us a heart capable of experiencing the pure love of Christ.
I just love this talk. I love love. I want to be better at it--more effective. Because clearly, it's impacts are huge. It just makes me want to take the fellows advice from the Festival of Colors. "Everybody, hug 10 strangers!" haha I think a lot about this. How many people go to bed at night feeling overloved?? Feeling exhausted because everyone cares too much about them? Loving people isn't going to hurt anything...but just make everyones lives better. Random post. I was just thinking about how much I love this talk and wanted to write about it for a sec. The end.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Relationship status via football analogy

I have two institute classes today. I love them both a great deal. Today one of my teachers had us all stand and introduce ourselves--the usual--name, hometown, major, where you served, etc. EXCEPT this teacher thought of a creative way of sharing our relationship status--football analogy. No joke.

Punt--dating a lot but no one special
Fumble--Just got out of a relationship
Benchwarming (Put me in coach)--not dating anyone at the moment
1st and down--dating someone

That was a new thing for the day. I'm...punting and benchwarming?? I dunno. But my name's Mallory, I'm a Sociology major, I served in Rome, Italy, and I plink around on the mandolin.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

How To Save a Life

Today I donated blood for the very first time. I've always wanted to donate blood but am knowingly too much of a pansy to give it a fair attempt. So today my roommate asked me if I'd join her in saving someones life through this campus activity.

The guy was pretty nice. The needle was bigger than expected. The bag filled up faster than I'd imagined. And I wasn't as queasy as Jack from While You Were Sleeping. It really wasn't as bad as I'd thought and I am actually looking forward to doing it again. Yep...nerd. Best of times.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Drumroll please....(literally)....DJOLE

So I came up to school almost a week early because I had a job interview in the temple cafeteria. It would have been sweet hours, good pay, and (naturally) a lovely work environment. I was therefore pretty bummed that I didn't get it. Not anymore. If I got that job, then I wouldn't be able to do THIS for an hour and a half every Tuesday:

Today was my first day of African Dance. I am so glad that I didn't have to drop this class because it was incredible today. It is the first time that I've been in a class when you literally cannot have any inhibitions. It was hilarious and so fun. After she'd teach us something new, I'd just shake my head smiling. It's so fun. I have a friend from my ward who's hilarious and has taken this class 4 times. 4 times! So she's incredible at it and gets way into it. All of my job applications say I can work ANY night but Sunday and Tuesday. Time for worship, and time for dance. Priorities=straight as an arrow right?

We learned Djole dancing today--the kind from the video. Honestly, I went into the class just kind of expecting to shake it. Wrong wrong wrong. There's just so much movement happening all of the time. I adore every second. I learned quickly that my hair needed to be pulled up and to dress lighter. Soo much sweaty goodness happening. There are like 10 drummers in our class that drum for us. A bunch of them have dreadlocks longer than my hair has ever been and I secretly think they're so cool. haha So regardless of the fact that some of my other classes are going to be mentally intense this semester, I know I'll look forward to this one every week. I left class smiling, tired, thirsty, energized, and stoked for next Tuesday. They're doing a performance in October and I'll probably do it with them. haha And I'm probably going to take this class again next semester. And when I go to Africa one day after I graduate, they're going to be impressed...and then teach me more. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Well...Here it goes...

Well Blowsville, you're putting up a tough fight, but I WILL find employment here. I spent the afternoon calling every place that I drove by to see if they needed hired help. I picked up an application to any and every place that's even "accepting applications". I'm trying to have the best of attitudes about it. It's kind of annoying being rejected time and time again...especially by jobs that I feel overqualified for. I guess I'm just supposed to learn to be humble and patient? Riddle me why those are Gods favorite lessons to teach me. My standards have dropped, my desperation has heightened, and hopefully I'll be working someplace soon...even if it's minimum wage.

I figure as long as my attitude is better than this lass

then I'm doing a-okay. :)