Thursday, September 15, 2011

More male peculiarities here in Blowgan...

There's a guy in one of the classes for my major. Initial observations: He's quiet, tall, has a kind of low monotone voice, he's really chill, I know he plays the guitar, from Virginia, seems like he could be pretty cool. I dunno, I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. So last weekend we hung out A LOT. Friday from 7:30-2:00a.m. It was lengthy. Then Saturday he wanted to meet up with us at the game. He came and sat by me from half-time to the end and...he didn't stop talking. haha

Him: "Did you see the Womens soccer game--USA vs. Brazil?"
Me: "Nope."
Him: "Aw, man I cannot believe you missed out on that match. Let me tell you what happened."
He then proceeds a 20 minute play-by-play of what happened with that match. Call me crazy, but I feel like if that match was important to me, I would have seen it. The fact that I missed it, shows that it is really not high on my priority list. Just saying. You could assume that and be correct.
He told me that one of the girls was wearing a pink sports bra under her shirt. He chuckles. "She's such a girl."

Later highlights of the evening include him telling me the play-by-plays of EVERY injury he's ever obtained from skate boarding. "Yeah, I've had like a bunch of concussions. My mom never knew about any of them. Well...technically they were just self-diagnosed." Nice.

Chatterbox. He was talking the whole last half of the game. I MAYBE said five words. And he ignored all of them, ploughing through his stories that he was determined to tell. The game finally ended and we were going to go with a group of friends to get a pizza. He suggested that afterwards we could watch a movie at his house. How un-Christlike of me is it that I honestly thought, "As long as there won't be talking, I'm in." haha

On our way to the car he says, "So you know how one of the main bonuses to getting married is sex right?"
Me: (Speechless. I am comfortable talking about this subject with certain people, but sportsy ramblekins is not one of them. I've known him for 2.5 days and WHY is he bringing this up?!)
Him: Well in my mission all of us elders would talk about the honeymoon at night and how it was going to be.
Me: (Continued silence. Is this guy for real?)
Him: So I got this companion that hadn't been out very long and our first night together, I brought it up and he was like, "what?!". (chuckle chuckle chuckle)
Me: Yes, I imagine that would have been quite the shock for him. He thought he was signing up for 2 years of teaching the gospel and talking to people about Jesus. So naturally you throwing in that subject matter would make him uncomfortable.

I had to go early to church to get a calling. When I finished meeting with the bishopric member, I had like a half hour before church started. Perfect, I thought, I'll just stay here and read my scriptures in the meantime. Perfect mental preparation.
This very nice guy came like 20 minutes later and asked if he could sit by me. We made small talk for a bit. The usual-what's your major? Where are you from? etc. Well at one point he says to me, "I feel like I know everything about you."
I just laughed and said, "Oh, well, there's a little more to me than that. Just a little."
He laughed then got all serious and said, "Well I am really interested in getting to know you better."
My roommate sitting on the other side of me started laughing. Nice. Umm...."Well maybe we can work that out." was all I could think of to say. I just kept hoping that he wasn't going to ask me out before sacrament meeting. I'm just not in the mental state to flirt or ward off flirting at the moment. We'll see what happens with that. Always funny moments here in Blowgan. Mal


  1. hahahhaha! Oh my goodness you have, hands down, the best guy stories. Please never stop telling them. haha.

  2. Oh My Goodness. How do these guys find you? What is the deal with Logan? Is there some crazy magnet attracting all the loser guys or something? It's just ridiculous. "Hey there my mission companion. I know we should probably read our scriptures and prepare to teach investigators about chastity, repentance, baptism and such...but first, let's talking about having SEX!" Yeah, sounds like a great idea...idiot. Sheesh!!!

  3. oh wow! Seriously?! This guy really must of got hit in the head a few times! I love these stories you tell! Won't it be fun to go back years later and read these?! love ya!

  4. Ummm seriously?, I seriously don't know what to say. Pretty sure bachelor #1 is going to maintain that status for sometime if he doesn't start using his common sense filter. and Bachelor #2... well at least he let you speak a little. Maybe he gets a 2nd chance.
    Hang in there lady! Love ya

  5. hahah this reminds me of dear Giuseppe sitting next to me in Angelo's car this summer. I feel your pain :)

  6. These boy stories sometimes makes me feel like I should hire you a bodyguard at school.

  7. Oh Mallory! How do these guys find you? You seriously have the most crazy stories I have ever heard! Thanks for sharing!