Friday, December 16, 2011

Fortune cookies aren't always wrong was Amy day. Yep, we had a day to appreciate our roommate Amy. She's wonderful in every day so we're doing everything she wants today. She wanted Chinese food so her wish was granted. I partook of a fortune cookie and LOOK at what I got. Is it strange that I honestly think there's something to this? haha Or do they just tell all of their customers that they'll journey to foreign lands? Unknown. But I'm not grumpy about them reenforcing my desire to travel the world. The end.


  1. That's so going to happen! There's no way that's not true

  2. Oh Kenzie. I always enjoy a good Kenzie comment. Great fortune and also, SO glad you're all done with finals and headed home today!!! Hopefully we'll make time to talk more this week! I love and miss you. Have a good drive!