Monday, November 14, 2011

Continuing the love...

  • LOVE Utah State Basketball. We played BYU on Friday and the game was ridiculous. I loved it from start to finish. I'll try to post pics later.
  • Partook of some Mint Brownie ice cream this evening (it's the weekend so I'm allowed.) :) Dear me. I know I'm not supposed to have dairy, but on occasion I do. This particular instance was completely worth it because it was the lovechild of two flavor delights! Mint ice cream + brownie chunks. Yes. To all of the above, yes.
  • I had to host a birthday party on Saturday. It's moments like that that I don't take my job super seriously. Singing to the kids (that don't belong to me or anyone I know), cutting the cake, giving them balloons, etc. HOWEVER, them dropping me a $20 tip was a judo-chop of joy to the face. Didn't think I'd be scoring tips at the Fun Park but I will (and did) take it!
  • Gave the gospel doctrine lesson today. The class was surprisingly lifeless. It was like pulling teeth with tweezers trying to get any sort of response out of them. It was the weirdest thing. I kind of wanted to run face first into a cement wall. And yet, I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting too. That, went better. Probably because none of them had to do anything out of their comfort zone for it. P.S. Fasting and Fast offerings officially rock my socks.
  • Good hair days
  • The results of laundry day. Sometimes it feels like it takes a million brazilian years to sort, wash, and fold my laundry. But putting the last article of clothing in my drawer or in the closet is such a lovely feeling. Getting the elephant (that is my stack of worn clothes) out of the room and back to its proper place.
  • My school advisor and I met and he's getting me out of the history class that is a pain in the glutes. Thankful for that. I took American Heritage the summer I got home from the mish and my advisor told me last semester that they weren't accepting it so I needed to take one here. Well I asked him again (out of curiosity) and they DO accept that class so I don't need to be in the boresville class that I'm currently enrolled in. Glad to be done with that.
  • I wore blush today for the first time since...I dunno...junior high?? I was actually kind of okay with it. It was nice to have some sort of color to my face instead of the ever constant 'elmers glue' shade that I rock during the majority of the four seasons.
  • I just registered for my LAST semester of undergrad classes!!!! It's finally starting to feel a little bit real that college is going to be past tense for me. I'm glad I came back to USU for a second year because I really like it better this year. I am however, excited yet scared for the possibilities after graduation. I have lots to decide on, but lots to enjoy while I'm still here in school.
  • Also really, really love this british band called "Scars on 45". They opened for Matt Nathanson in a concert of his that I attended with my dear friend Ashlee. I loved every one of their songs and have yet to get sick of them.

Hope you've had some loves lately. Til next post!

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  1. i just now listened to this song and i'm in love. great find mal