Thursday, October 28, 2010


So a couple of months ago I thought it'd be killer cool to train for a half marathon. Well according to the countdown that laughs at me from the Half-marathon is currently only 1 day, 9 hours and 23 minutes away. Permission to grab the nearest brown paper sack and have myself a right nice panic attack?

Perhaps it would've been wise to start small like...I dunno...a lil' 5k run. Or if feeling more adventurous...even a 10 k. What is that? 6 miles? Yeah, why did I not just start there? You know, just to break myself into the race scene. Well lets focus on the positive:

  • When I finish the race I'll be able to say that I've done something that I've never done before. that's pretty cool right?

  • It's a Halloween half-marathon so I get to run 13 miles in the day will be exactly what I'll be doing. And besides, perhaps my fellow racers will look a lot less intimidating to me if they're dressed like this:

  • Free t-shirt. Who doesn't need another PJ shirt?
  • I'll probably feel like this when I'm done...

Or maybe she's just starting the race...she doesn't look sweaty or in pain.

However because I'm awesome at coming up with worst-possible situations. Let me tell you one or two of my fears.

  • I will finish very berry last.

  • I will pull something incredibly my groin. haha Okay so I don't think you can pull that...but that would be brutality right?

  • Tripping and taking out fellow runners...kinda like the running version of Tour de France mishaps.

Well I really am excited. Nervous out-of-my-mind, but excited. Should be a solid good time. And as long as I don't need to walk or come in last place then I will consider it a romping success.