Saturday, October 8, 2011

Star Wars IV-V marathon

I've never seen the original Star Wars flicks. So we decided to have a movie marathon...we watched two of them in one night.

The graphics are comical.

So many funny lines. "Where could he be?!"

We've unanimously decided that we'd rather date Han Solo than Luke.

Why did Darth Vadar choose the moment right after he cut off Luke's arm to tell him that he was his papa? The timing of that was just...unsavory.

Some of my favorite parts were the commentary coming from the spectators.

"Maybe I'm just hungry, but does Chewy look like walking pulled pork to anybody else?"

"I feel like Bear Grylls did something like this in one of his episodes."
"What? He also killed an abominable snowman with a light saber?"

Tomorrow I have to go for a long run, 8 hours of work and then apparently we're finishing the last one. I'll let you know how it goes. :) G'night!

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  1. Did you watch them out of order? I thought Luke didn't find out Vader was his father until the last one. Quite a task to make it through the 5th one, it's kind of boring. Did you have themed treats or costumes? Did you get pictures? You could have all braided your hair like Princess Laya.(That's not how it is spelled)