Sunday, December 11, 2011

Loves: The latest haps

Latest haps:
  • I adore my job. We had a work Christmas party tonight and it was soooo fun. I got to bring a friend and so my good lass Kor accompanied me. Olive Garden catered, white elephant gift exchange, free arcade games afterward, rock band projected on the wall of the skating section, a bunch of sweet coupons for places around the valley, plus the people I work with are gems. Pleased. Very pleased.
  • I taught Sunday School again today. I was nervous to teach again because my last lesson was a flop. Nobody was participating and the silence made me want to jump off of London bridge into a canoe of porcupines. It was bad. But today went great! People participated. It felt nice...worth the effort I put into it.
  • Maybe I've googled mapped the village that I'll be living in when I go to Tanzania and have found where I'll be going to church, want to know how they dance/if they'll teach me, and can't stop thinking about how wonderful this crazy experience is going to be.
  • I came home from work last night and my roommates were playing "Just Dance 3". We might or might not have danced for four hours. haha Zero regrets. It was hilarious and I love any and every opportunity to dance.
  • My roommate Brianne is one of the kindest people I've met in real life. She's always doing the dishes, taking people up to campus and just does a lot of acts of service just out of the goodness of her heart. So I thought it was time we appreciated that. We celebrated "Brianne Appreciation Day" on Friday. We opened all of the doors for her, took her skating and to play pool, we had a cake made for her, and watched her favorite movie at night time. It was really fun and hilarious. She just needed to be appreciated for a whole day.
I'm successfully putting off studying for my social stats final tomorrow. I should probably get back to studying. :) Can't wait to go home for Christmas break in a week from this very day!! Woot woot!! I love the Christmas season. Can't wait to be back home with my family for a wee bit. Hope all is well wherever you all are. Lots of Blowgan love, Mals

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  1. k your work party sounds ganzo (tuscan term anyone?). I would love to attend your lessons. maybe i can just skype my way into your life? why don't we ever skype ps? so if you're coming back to af on sunday then looks like i'll miss you. will you be here still from the 30th to 3rd? dica si