Friday, November 25, 2011

Recent quotes

Thanks for your advice on the previous post. I will be hat-hunting in the future weeks. :)

So I've just heard some funny things lately and I wanted to post them before I forgot them.

A customer was walking past me at work and was limping pretty bad. I said, "Are you okay?" And he just kept walking but said, "Yeah, I just got hit by a car but I'm okay." I said, "Uh, sir, do you need to go to the hospital?" He just hobbled toward the bathroom and said "no." ????

I was working in the skating area of the Fun Park, just getting people their size in skates. One little girl (she was probably 12) took her skates, sat down and said to her friends as she was putting them on, "I cannot even wait until I turn 16. Then I can work at Sonic and skate all the time." Wow. Way to dream big, little girl. I was dying. haha

I was watching "Diaries of a Mad Black Woman" because I love that show and find it humorous. There just happens to be a mightily sweet and attractive black male in that show. Mckenzie came in while I was watching it and said, "Mal, you're going to marry a black guy aren't you?" haha I have no idea actually, but that was funny.

Hope you all had great Thanksgivings!

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