Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eating things in weird ways...

So I'm sure everyone has something that they eat a little differently. Of course, I never know that what I'm doing is different until someone comments on it. But I think it's interesting. Here are a few of mine:
  • APPLES--Ever since the infamous Paris excursion of '07, I find nothing inappropriate about eating apples in their entirety. True. Is the core actually delicious to the taste? Nope. But there is something oddly satisfying about starting at the bottom of an apple and eating the whole thing (minus the Johnny Apple seeds) on the way up. Odd sense of accomplishment? check!
  • OREOS--I have been judged many-a-time for this but let me preface this by saying that I'm lactose intolerant. K? So my friend Stacy takes an oreo and runs it under the faucet for a little before eating it. Brilliance! I can't dip it in milk, but run it under a stream of H2O for 3 seconds, I will!! A true delight. Don't knock it til you try it.
  • BANANAS--First of all, why do we all try to peel it from the top--at the stem? Am I the only one that has tried and failed repeatedly at this method? I usually pull at it in different directions until the entrails are nice and mushed and then just end up grabbing a butter knife to solve my problems. Well turn that banana upside down my friends. I always open my bananas from the bottom. It's easier to open it and handier to hold. Just sayin'. Try it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Post-date comfort food

There are some things that I love about being a roommate.

My roommate Whitney and I got along like a charm and did some hilariously great things together. Just the other day, I remembered this lil' tradition:

Whitney got asked out on a date by a lad in our ward that was...awkward, difficult to converse with, and...kinda boring. Nice kid, but needless to say, Whitney wasn't digging the idea of spending multiple hours with him and just really really didn't want to go. Isn't that the worst? A guy asks you out on a date and you feel like you can't say 'no' to the first date because that's pretty much like saying, "I don't even want to get to know you as a human being." when you're really just thinking, "I already know that I'm not interested."

So I said, "Look Whit, go on the date, get through it knowing that saying 'no' to a second date is totally allowed, and I'll have comfort food here waiting for you when you get back." haha This proved to be an awesome tradition. She came home, we brought the pan of brownies over to the couch with us, sat in our pajamas, and with our own forks--skipped the cutting a piece bit--and just dug right in. She spilled all the goods on her date. The highlights...mostly the lowlights...and it was so funny.

So when I came home from my date with "the tickle monster"...that awkward date where he got a little handsy and whatever it was we were doing came to a close, I came home to find her and her sister on the couch with a pan of brownies and 3 forks. It was hilarious. Just sitting on the couch, talking and laughing about a date gone very wrong. So fun. I love fun roommates. And I love traditions like this that are completely ridiculous but too funny to not continue.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Late Night with Potter

Lately I've started to notice a pattern in the beginning of my stories. It usually goes something like, "So I decided to do_____because I thought it was funny." Sooo...the fact that the Reese lasses and I went to the LAST Harry Potter flick midnight premier was a must. Why? Well, because I thought it was funny.Yeah, I've read all of the books, seen all of the movies, but I'm honestly not obsessed in the least. However, if you EVER get the chance to go to a midnight premier of anything, do it! Because that's where the hardcore fans are and I find them hilarious. We were in line to get into the theater and I see a guy dressed as Harry Potter approach a man dressed as Dumbledore. (This man was not playing around. His costume looked sweaty hot not...attractive.) He went up to Dumbledore and said, "Hey, weren't you here at last years premier? I totally recognized you. I came as a death eater last year. I wore a mask. That's probably why you don't recognize me." haha Errr...yeah. That actually happened. And it brought me joy.
My mom found these random glasses in one of our drawers and Jacquel had found this wand-like stick and...that was our version of Harry Potter attire. We didn't take pictures until after the film and...for some reason we figured the dumpster next to the theater would be a nice place for a photoshoot?? ha
The movie was genuinely good. I didn't cry or anything, though there were plenty of fans who cried, applauded, cheered, and gasped...just depending on the scene. Fans fascinate me. Harry Potter comes on the screen and... everyone applauded. A certain evil character finally kicks the bucket and the whole theater bursts with applause and cheer. Funny. All just funny.

Sooo...if you haven't seen it yet and any of the previous films have rubbed you the right way, then give it a go. Especially with many of the current quality (or lack thereof rather) films out there these days. A film that teaches doing the right thing is apparently one that I'll lose sleep over and drop a couple of bucks for. I don't regret it. It was a great film, fabulous company and a hilarious good time. As always.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Going the distance.

Adam, his wife Camarie, and I signed ourselves up for the Provo Freedom 10k. I'd signed up a little over a month ago and...had forgotten which day of the week it was on. I thought it was going to be on the Saturday AFTER the fourth. So when Sunday night arrived and Adam said, "Are you ready for the 10k tomorrow?" Gulp. I thought it was Saturday. Hilarious. "Yep....I'm ready."This six mile jaunt followed the path that the parade was going to take later that morning. So the street we were running was lined with loads of people in lawn chairs that had camped out in anticipation of the parade. So we had an audience and occasional music stands as we ran. This only encouraged us. We ran, we dance, we wove in and out like cop motorcycles during a parade. We mixed business with pleasure, and it was hilarious and awesome. I think I was more tired than I thought I'd be because I was constantly busting up at our dance moves we were trying to rock while running. No. Shortage. Of. Hilarity.

Post-race. Sweaty. Tired. Thirsty. Happy. It was such a fun race--something I had not anticipated. The only other race I've done was a half-marathon...which was very berry satisfying but a very different experience. The half-marathon, I pretty much ran by myself and there was zero dancing and laughter. Strictly business. So it was fun to run with my brother and sister-in-law, dancing/running the majority of the crowd-lined street. The most fun I've ever run/danced six miles. Thanks Ad and Cam. Suc-cess!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh My Dear

Get ready for a very jumbled post!!
  • I went to the Stadium of Fire and it was a solid good time. I'm now a bigger fan of both David Archuletta and Brad Paisley.
  • I'm also becoming more and more converted to the music of Taylor Swift. I heard her song "mean" and just think she's darling. Who knew I enjoyed country goods so much? Not I, my friends. Not I.
  • I ran the Freedom 10K in Provo with my brother Adam and Sister-in-law Camarie. It was so much fun. It was only my second race. (First being my half marathon in Oct 2010) I love running. And running with other people has proven to be just the ticket
  • I have a summer "to-do" list. One of the things on it is: go to a zumba class. Why? Mostly because it seems super faddy and I thought it'd be hilarious. But alas, I kinda enjoyed it. Any opportunity to shake it is an opportunity that I'll take!
  • I LOVE hiking. I try to go on a hike a day. It's starting to get repetitive since I only hike the cave and letters on the mountain. But I enjoy it. It's nice to be outside. Nice to be alone with my thoughts and somewhere beautiful.
  • Can we just talk about 90's movies? Soo funny. We got a wee group together to watch "Surf Ninjas" (a flick Ad and I watched as little kids) and to this day I find it super funny. It was a good time had by one and all.
  • I think I have a problem. I cannot miss an episode of Bachelorette. I find the whole point of the show hysterical and even a little pathetic but I can't stop. Ben is funny in a dorky way. JP is darling. I want one of him I think.
  • I'm going to an institute dance tonight and cannot wait. Something happens when just the right song comes on and standing still is just not an option. So I'm going with a couple of girlfriends and we're going to dance the night away. It seems like a good choice to me.
  • My sister came to visit. I adore her. We went shopping running, made yummy salads, and always have good laughs. I miss her. I wish I could just apparate to Texas whenever I wanted. (Yes, unnecessary Harry Potter reference)
  • I had breakfast with some french friends the other day--one of whom did an internship in Paris while I was on my mission in Italy. Therefore, I have since been daydreaming of doing an internship in Paris or Italy when I finish my degree next year. I am not good at dreaming small.
We can call it a day for now. There's more to tell and pictures to post ma piano piano. :)