Thursday, December 15, 2011

Compliments, chick-flick appreciation, and velvety skinnies.

  • Last night after work (it being about 1 am at this point) a lad was one of the last people leaving (it was country dancing night) and he stopped me and grabbed me by the arm and said, "I just want to tell you what a kind happy spirit you are. You are just always so happy and kind." I sold him a 25 cent cup of water and he came back for a refill. That was our only interaction that he based that off of. I've never had anyone stop me and say something like that. Very nice...also a little caught off guard. But nice.
  • Two finals down and uno to go! I have a final Friday morning, I work Saturday, and then am homeward bound on the beautiful Sabbath. Woot woot! I cannot wait for a three week vaca from my problems....if by problems I mean school and Blowsville.
  • I have seen the trailer for this wee flick more than 3 times and cannot wait to see it. Does this make me a sap? I dunno. Your call. But I think Miss McAdams is darling and Mr. Tatum doesn't ever seem to be a poor choice now does he? So yes, if you and I are in the same zipcode in mid-february, let's call it a date. :)

  • Recently heard around the house, "Sometimes my purple, velvety skinny jeans start to fall off my bottom." Point being: I am the owner of purple, velvety skinny jeans. Why? Because it's funny and because come-to-find-out, they're actually super fun and cute. The falling off part meaning that they needed to be washed so as to more properly fit my dear form.
  • The chap that my institute teacher was trying to hook me up with is coming over tonight for game night. If my institute teacher knew, he'd be so proud of himself I'm sure. Not like anything's happening with him or anything but he's cool enough to spend quality time with him outside of class.
  • Speaking of: tonight is our last Thursday night game night of the semester. I LOVE our game nights. Always a hilarious good time.
Love you all very berry much. If you're in Bootah county for the holidays, I vote that we see each others faces. Just saying.


  1. I'm pretty sure I need a picture of the velvety skinnies. and the fact that they are falling off your bum means your bum is skinny-mini!! and I concur with the random gentleman who thinks you are a happy spirit. a happy spirit with purple velvet pants?! they don't come any finer, gents!

  2. DEFINITELY want to see you. I have two weeks off of school and am so excited to catch up!