Monday, November 28, 2011

Making up for lost times---concerts

So my journal from ages 0-20 is pretty much a joke. It's either when I was annoyed (usually something that seems so silly reading now) or when something "awesome" happened. Yeah. My journal entries have thankfully become a lot more worthwhile since then.I was just thinking the other day about how much I love music and going to concerts. I've heard a lot of my favorite musicians live and in the company of people that I adore. Unfortunately, because my journaling skills have been non-existent, I thought I'd write a post making up for lost times about the artists that I've heard live. So here they be:
  • "Colors" final concert--with Adam, Mindy, and our friends back in high school
  • One Republic--with Aubrey Allenbach Lee in 2008. We died laughing when the whole audience left after "Apologize". Good times.
  • Chris Merritt--
  • I've heard this man sing MANY times and hated it ZERO times. Seen him with Adam, Spencer, Mindy, Jacquel, Kate and Stephanie. I adore this man. He's like a cute keyboard playing, singing hobbit. That made him sound less cool than he is. I just couldn't get sick of him if I tried.
Steph, Kate and I got a picture with the good sir. I have yet to understand what it is that I'm doing with my left hand. haha
    Kate, Adam, Spenc and I at another one of Chris' concerts.
  • Love You Long Time--
LOVE these guys. Their clothes, style, music (obviously) and ability to be completely okay with who they are. They're just a fun, random little band that I enjoy when I need some dancing music.
Here's Kate, Steph, and I with the lead singer Oz. Yes we actually made t-shirts before the concert. haha We're just that cool.
  • Imagine Dragons--Fall semester 2011 with Mindy and Jeff. Oh dear me. One of my new favorites. My best friend Mindle's big bro is in the band. The more I listen to them, the more I adore their music. They just signed with a label and I'm so happy for them. They're really talented, write amazing music, put on a sick show and deserve all of the good things coming their way.
  • Matt Nathanson--
I saw him at a radio show with Mindy back before the mish. About a month ago I got to see him with Ashlee. He brings 13+ guitars and moves his hips like I've never seen a male do. It's fascinating. Love his music, he makes you laugh your face off, and love him even more as the concert goes on. Worthwhile, that man, worthwhile.
  • Kelly Clarkson--Birthday present from Mindy my senior year. I went with Stephanie Johnson. Kelly is ridiculous live. The woman has pipes! I think I was literally in paradise when I heard her perform. I knew every word of her breakaway album and was only bothered by the fact that I was restricted to a seat and couldn't shake it in a crowd of peers. ha ha
  • Nickel Creek--Dear me. Seen them twice--both times with Mindy and the whole Sermon clan. These guys are insanely talented. Their mandolinist makes me behave all kinds of awkwardly because I just adore him. At the first concert we got to go on stage at the end while they sang a few Christmas songs. Mindy and I kept yelling, "O Holy Night" (wanting them to sing it) and apparently they heard us and said they couldn't do that one--but we didn't hear we just kept yelling it. We laugh about it to this day. Also we got to meet them afterwards and I think I almost piddled. My eyes got all watery and I almost cried of joy when my parents asked how the concert went the next day. haha Love them.
  • David Archuleta--Stadium of Fire 2011. Come to find out I adore this young lads voice. Check! Went with Ryan and his family
  • Brad Paisley--Also Stadium of Fire 2011.
  • Faith Hill--I saw her and her darling husband with Adam, Cody and Aubs. They were both incredible live, I realized how much I love their music, and how darling they are together. Wow, what a sap. I would notice and comment on something like zat. I just remember Adam and I laughing at the guy who had ear plugs in because it was too loud.
  • Tim McGraw--
Besides seeing him in the concert with his wife, I also got to see him in TEXAS at a RODEO with Kim and Glenn Spring break 2011. We were far away, but the view from the jumbotron was enough to make me nauseous and realize that apparently I do, in fact, have a weak spot for cowboys. Didn't think that I did, but I do. He's wonderful.
  • Switchfoot--These tickets were a gift from Adam. Sooo sweet of him. He has always been a dear and thoughtful friend. I just remember being so overwhelmed by how nice and thoughtful it was of him to buy me tickets to a concert that he knew I'd like. I feel like he was on Heritage Tours or something and that's why he couldn't go with me. But I took Mindy and we had a solid good time togeth.
  • Rooney--
Love me some Rooney! I saw them the summer I got home from my mission with Ashlee. It was a small venue, their music was shake it worthy and some guy at the concert came up to me and said, "Do you wanna dance?" (in the middle of a concert, mind you) and I just looked at him with a quizzical brow and said, "I am dancing!". Kinda clever right?
  • Josh Groban--I did not want to be a Josh Groban fan, but Kori made me like him at BYU-Idaho. Kori, Hayley and I went to his concert before my mission. In our original seats, we couldn't tell if the opening singer was male or female. (We were in the Delta Center.) But we snuck down to better seats, were super close, and Hayley even got to touch his hand when he came over to our side of the stage. I don't think I even need to stress the significance of getting touched by the person you came to see do I?! haha So funny. Josh Groban take 2 was this summer with Ashlee.
We got told to settle down by a fellow concert attendee because Ash and I were hilariously shakin' it to "Machine". WHO gets asked to settle down at a Josh Groban concert? Oh yeah, we do.
  • Mika--
Oh my heart. I might, maybe, may be in love with this lad. Long curly brown locks, colored skinny jeans, and the man just happens to embody happiness. Kate and I stood out in the cold in SLC for several hours before we were let in. Apparently a lot of his equipment got stuck in a storm or something so he performed an acoustic show for us and it was incredible. The place was packed, everyone was sooo loud, and he's just so charming and lovely. Love his music, love that he reminds me of France, and love how fun and original he is.
  • Tally Hall--A band with men in skinny ties. Need I say more? I think I needn't.
  • Scars on 45--
Brits. They opened for Matt Nathanson and I loved their songs and commentary equally. They're charming and their music is great. I only own an EP or two, but somehow their 9 songs that I have were enough to hold me over on a 2 hour drive back to Blowgan. Just saying, somehow listening to their music over and over wasn't a bore.
  • Ocean Grove--This is the latest and greatest. Went with Ashlee, Chandler, and Mckenzie. I originally wanted to see Robert Schwartzman (who was supposed to be the opener) but he backed out. However, Ocean Grove was great, Mckenzie of course fell in love with one of the band members because he's male and she's a teenager, and the McArthur lass' have yet to disappoint me.
Anyway, super random and lengthy post. I just realized that with a lot of my life undocumented, maybe I should post little details from the past that have contributed to things that I enjoy (and friends that I enjoy) to this day.

I love music. I love how it can express how you feel in ways that speaking somehow can't. I love dancing around at concerts where it's socially acceptable to do so. I love sharing those moments with other people. I love how it's hilarious and sometimes embarrassing how a talented human being can somehow make you behave awkwardly and act nervously. It's certainly fun to laugh about afterwards. I love my life, music, and you. Hope you have beautiful Thanksgivings and that you see all of the details in your life that you can be thankful for. Lots of love! Mals

Friday, November 25, 2011

Recent quotes

Thanks for your advice on the previous post. I will be hat-hunting in the future weeks. :)

So I've just heard some funny things lately and I wanted to post them before I forgot them.

A customer was walking past me at work and was limping pretty bad. I said, "Are you okay?" And he just kept walking but said, "Yeah, I just got hit by a car but I'm okay." I said, "Uh, sir, do you need to go to the hospital?" He just hobbled toward the bathroom and said "no." ????

I was working in the skating area of the Fun Park, just getting people their size in skates. One little girl (she was probably 12) took her skates, sat down and said to her friends as she was putting them on, "I cannot even wait until I turn 16. Then I can work at Sonic and skate all the time." Wow. Way to dream big, little girl. I was dying. haha

I was watching "Diaries of a Mad Black Woman" because I love that show and find it humorous. There just happens to be a mightily sweet and attractive black male in that show. Mckenzie came in while I was watching it and said, "Mal, you're going to marry a black guy aren't you?" haha I have no idea actually, but that was funny.

Hope you all had great Thanksgivings!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Head coverage--Give it to me straight!

So let's talk about hats. I've never really been a hat wearer because I've always felt that my head size + hair size = gargantuan. So the idea of shoving my poofy hair under a hat and having the remains splurging out the bottom has always felt like a fashion faux-pas for me. However, I LOVE this certain type of winter hat. I love that they sit back on your head, I love that they're loose, and just seem chill but classy at the same time. Am I wrong or am I right?I love the different patterns, I love the different colors, I love all of it. The question ever remains however: Would I look like a goonie baby trying to shove my hair under one of these? I feel like it's much more possible than a tight beenie or something. That is one article of clothing that is just not in the cards for me. But I just love these hats and want so badly to like one of them on me.
Bah! Sooo cute right?! Am I the only person that thinks these are so adorable. Only problem being, I think if I do end up liking them on me, I'd probably want all three of these aaanddd I'm not even joking.
So here's where I'm sure I'll get some mixed reactions. I stumbled across this red hat and my first reaction was to laugh out loud because it seems super weird. But then I thought, "OR is it so weird that it's darling?" It's honestly kind of growing on me. Yep, I can fully acknowledge that it's completely ridiculous. But like I it cute ridiculous? It's definitely crazikins...but it's just the level of crazy that it kind of makes me want to give it a go. AND the lady has big hair under that hat. Which, to someone like me, is encouraging. Because I don't have straight thin locks that can just tuck in anywhere. So yeah, tell me your honest opinion. I really want to know. I'll probably agree with you either way because I see both sides. It's ridiculous and unnecessary. And yet, I kinda like it. Tell me your thoughts.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Continuing the love...

  • LOVE Utah State Basketball. We played BYU on Friday and the game was ridiculous. I loved it from start to finish. I'll try to post pics later.
  • Partook of some Mint Brownie ice cream this evening (it's the weekend so I'm allowed.) :) Dear me. I know I'm not supposed to have dairy, but on occasion I do. This particular instance was completely worth it because it was the lovechild of two flavor delights! Mint ice cream + brownie chunks. Yes. To all of the above, yes.
  • I had to host a birthday party on Saturday. It's moments like that that I don't take my job super seriously. Singing to the kids (that don't belong to me or anyone I know), cutting the cake, giving them balloons, etc. HOWEVER, them dropping me a $20 tip was a judo-chop of joy to the face. Didn't think I'd be scoring tips at the Fun Park but I will (and did) take it!
  • Gave the gospel doctrine lesson today. The class was surprisingly lifeless. It was like pulling teeth with tweezers trying to get any sort of response out of them. It was the weirdest thing. I kind of wanted to run face first into a cement wall. And yet, I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting too. That, went better. Probably because none of them had to do anything out of their comfort zone for it. P.S. Fasting and Fast offerings officially rock my socks.
  • Good hair days
  • The results of laundry day. Sometimes it feels like it takes a million brazilian years to sort, wash, and fold my laundry. But putting the last article of clothing in my drawer or in the closet is such a lovely feeling. Getting the elephant (that is my stack of worn clothes) out of the room and back to its proper place.
  • My school advisor and I met and he's getting me out of the history class that is a pain in the glutes. Thankful for that. I took American Heritage the summer I got home from the mish and my advisor told me last semester that they weren't accepting it so I needed to take one here. Well I asked him again (out of curiosity) and they DO accept that class so I don't need to be in the boresville class that I'm currently enrolled in. Glad to be done with that.
  • I wore blush today for the first time since...I dunno...junior high?? I was actually kind of okay with it. It was nice to have some sort of color to my face instead of the ever constant 'elmers glue' shade that I rock during the majority of the four seasons.
  • I just registered for my LAST semester of undergrad classes!!!! It's finally starting to feel a little bit real that college is going to be past tense for me. I'm glad I came back to USU for a second year because I really like it better this year. I am however, excited yet scared for the possibilities after graduation. I have lots to decide on, but lots to enjoy while I'm still here in school.
  • Also really, really love this british band called "Scars on 45". They opened for Matt Nathanson in a concert of his that I attended with my dear friend Ashlee. I loved every one of their songs and have yet to get sick of them.

Hope you've had some loves lately. Til next post!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Latest Loves

Been a wee bit since I posted some loves. So here they be:
  • Teaching Sunday School apparently. I never would have thought 5 years ago that I would be all for teaching Gospel Doctrine but I love my calling. I really enjoy it and learn a lot.
  • Games Nights. We have them every Thursday but there's another house that has them on Sunday. Naturally we make an appearance at both. I love being around other people. I consistently meet people that are fabulous discoveries and I enjoy people more that were previously just acquaintances. Love it.
  • Getting a perfect score on my Sociology of Gender paper! Woot woot! It's partially a success because my first test in that class was...not a perfect score, so anytime I can ace anything in that class I get a twinge of satisfaction.
  • My job. I love my job. Yeah I realize that it's not prestigious and it's not going to be the ultimate selling point on my resume, but I'm really blessed to have it. It works with my schedule like a charm. And the people that I work with are gems. The job search was a lengthy process but this one was worth the wait.
  • Orange Juice. Fact. I adore orange juice. In part, I'm sure, because my Medical Sociology teacher talked for a long time about the health benefits of Vitamin D, I guzzle OJ down on a daily basis being consistently pleased.
  • Great conversation with fam and friends. There is something awfully satisfying about a phone call from a loved one that is clearly invested in you that somehow makes any difficulty seem minuscule.
  • Meeting males that redeem the lack of hope I sometimes have in that sex. I have some sort of beacon that attracts jerks for some reason and I am just honestly thankful for the genuinely good, kind males that I meet that help me remember how wonderful some of them are. It gives me hope.
  • Stretching. Odd right? I remember I used to feel some version of distain toward stretching. I just never saw the point and it seemed like a waste of time. On. The. Contrary. I love stretching before a run. It feels like hot chocolate tastes: sooo good. And I love seeing my flexibility progress. Nerdy?? Chances are good.
  • Hulu. It's something that I try to only do on the weekends. But can I tell you a few of my new favorite shows? Last Man Standing--I genuinely enjoy Tim Allen. New Girl--Zoey Deschanel makes me laugh out loud. One Upon A Time--It officially took me three episodes to get into it, but I'm digging it. I wish so badly sometimes that I could pull off a Ginnifer Goodwins cute, short haircut. She's beautiful in such an original, not mainstream way.
  • Music. Even if I'm just making a quick trip to the store, I want my music on. It's just a big part of my life. I love to sing and dance and can't imagine a life without music. It's just Mmm Mmm good. Speaking of, I'm adoring this Coldplay song. And I love that such a famous band did something completely random and not mainstream for their vid. It's just weird enough to make me smirk and think, "Who ARE you guys? Oh yeah, you're awesome."

So things are going well here in Blowsville. I hope you've all noticed some "loves" in your day as well. Chances are that you have been and/or are some of mine. :) Good night!