Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another installment of loves...

Things that I love are always coming to mind. Little details really. But I like writing them down. Here are some things that I love this week:
  • So You Think You Can Dance. I love it. I really do. For some reason the fancy posture partner dances don't tend to be my fav. Is that super unclassy of me? Hope not. But I love the hip-hop and contemporary dances. Visual deliciousness. Love it. Also Mary Murphy's mouth fascinates me. haha
  • Italian card game night. Scopa. I need to find those cards somewhere.
  • Hearing from old friends.
  • Ballet flats. I dunno what my deal is but I have never gotten into really high heels. Maybe I think I'm tall? haha I dunno. But I'm convinced that even if I went on a date with Andre the Giant, I'd still pull out some cute ballet flats to go with my outfit and not see anything wrong with it.
  • Scarves. Mmm! It might be the only downside of the weather warming up. My neck longs for them!
  • Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar on my salads. Holy smokes, how did I only know about ranch before venturing to Europe? It's a duo that did wonders for my tastebuds and salads.
  • Guilty pleasure: The Bachelorette. I think that the whole concept of the show is a bit silly and yet it still sucks me in. For some reason I really like JP and am thankful out-of-my-mind that she sent creepy mask boy home.
  • Lake Powell. I think Walt Disney got it wrong. While Disneyland is a great place, I think Lake Powell is the happiest place on earth. I love every detail about that place. I love waking up with sore muscles from tubing, sore red skin from too much sun, next to a bunch of darling morning-haired people that I love, to falling asleep on the roof underneath a blanket of stars that are framed by gorgeous red rock cliffs. And I love every moment in between sun up and sun down. Love that place.
  • Working out. I love when I can feel the sweat dripping down my face. How gross is that?! I feel completely unlady-like that I enjoy that. I guess it just makes me feel like my workout was awesome that day and my body is telling me so. haha

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sent home, reading inspired goods, re-evaluating perspective

Sometimes my work sends me home early. I was scheduled for 5 hours on Tuesday...after an hour and half they sent me home. Today I was scheduled for 5 hours...after two and a half hours they sent me home. I feel like I should do something rowdy and unruly for them to have an actual reason for giving me the boot. Good news is that I have a job interview back in my home town on Monday. I'm hoping for good things because as flattering as a phone job that sends me home early is, it would sure be nice to feel valued somewhere but...maybe that's just me shooting for the stars. haha

I read two BEAUTIFUL talks today. I have to teach the lesson in Relief Society on Sunday. I really like teaching. I do, however, have a bit of a hard time when there is no assigned topic. Yeah, the whole "be inspired to teach exactly what everyone needs" can be a little overwhelming. haha But I feel like I'm on to something. If you need any good reads check these little numbers out "The True Path to Happiness" by Elder Cook and "What Are You Doing Here?" by Elder Groberg. I just love some right nice reflection from time to time.

Somehow in my unexpected free time after work, and after working out with Jillian via DVD, I found myself on a volunteer website dreaming of when I could possibly go to Tanzania and teach english there. I've noticed a problem that I have. I'm a dreamer. I haven't always been. But I am now. It's something that...I hope this doesn't sound awkward but...I love about myself--mostly just because I remember who I was without it. I love looking at the world, myself, and life with possibility. I didn't always do that. But I now have so many things that I'd love to do and accomplish. And helping those darling little kids in Africa are on my list of things that I fantasize about.
The problem with this quality, that has been really helpful for me, is that when I'm not in the midst of one of these big dreams of mine...I tend to feel frustrated and therefore tend to not live in the present. When I am in the midst of them, I am thankful to say that I enjoy every second and don't take them for granted--I know that each day is changing my life and I love it. However, I notice that when I'm not in one of these fabulous dreams of mine, that I live in my future dreams. How nice things will be when...
It's a tricky trap to fall into. So while I do have big dreams and look forward to a lot of future plans that I have, the reality is that...a lot of my previous plans didn't work out because God wanted me to do something different. So maybe I should put a little more effort into loving the crap out of the present. This is where I am today. And as long as I'm in this present situation, I need to find the good in it and do my best. If things change, great. That would be awesome. But if not, I'm still here, and I can still control my reactions to things life throws at me. I can absolutely keep planning and thinking of fabulous things that I want to do, but with the understanding that there are presently great things that I can do, that there are presently good times to be had, and that I can presently love every detail of my life.

Enough ramblings for the night. Laters!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recent loves...

Things I love today...
  • Yogurt covered pretzels. Delicious and I don't feel super unhealthy eating them. Naive of me? I dunno.
  • I may or may not have accidentally put hair removal cream on my tooth brush this morning because I mixed up the bottles. Yup. I may have.
  • When people at the end of my phone calls at work say things like, "It was a real pleasure talking to you." Well I'm glad. My boss doesn't really care if you enjoy talking to me but I do.
  • I'm reading "Standing for Something" by Gordon B. Hinckley and his wisdom frequently blows my mind. I kind of want to stay up all night reading it. Pace yourself woman.
  • My mom painted my fingernails for me. If you ever want to know if I'm ambidextrous, just ask me to paint my fingernails and everything will become blatantly clear.
  • Good scripture study today. I don't know how I ever studied the scriptures before my mission without a grundle of colored pencils on hand. I have color-coordinated what each color means and studying the scriptures is now so much more enlightening and personal to me. Love it.
  • I was driving back to Blowsville and on my way out of the canyon I looked up at the mountains and there were a few trees that formed the most lovely silhouettes against the sky. was a pleasant surprise for a girl not jumping for joy about her re-arrival here.
  • I actually love that I'm lactose intolerant. Why? Because if I wasn't, I never would have discovered the wonder that is Almond Milk. I kid you not, Vanilla Almond Milk is one of the most delicious things that apparently never came out of a cow. Question: WHERE does almond milk come from? Head scratcher.