Sunday, September 11, 2011

Un...comfort zone

Missed a call from a phone number of this area code this morning.

They left a message.

Appointment with the bishop.

Natural thought: Calling.

Afterthought: Gospel Doctrine Teacher.

Wincing, pushing the thought from my mind, I think, "R.S. Teacher perhaps." But what keeps coming to my mind? Exactly what I've been trying to avoid for a long time. Gospel Doctrine Teacher.

I go to meet with the Bishopric member. We sit down, small talk, they say they've all been thinking about callings and my name came up several times for a certain calling. Gospel Doctrine Teacher. Thankfully I had it lingering in my head all morning so when he finally said it out loud I was more used to the idea.

I really enjoy teaching. I like preparing, I love when the time actually comes to teach and being able to hear from everybody in the class. But yeah, for some reason I've always had a pansy mentality about Gospel Doctrine Teacher. It has freaked me out and had me under the impression that there's no way I could be further out of my comfort zone. The Bishopric member said, "So how do you feel about it?" haha I said, "Nervous. But if it's what you want me to do then I'm game." haha Yipes. If I call you for advice and stories when I'm preparing for a lesson, just humor me k? Yeah, this is going to put me right on out of my comfort zone. But that's okay. Because there is zero personal growth in the comfort zone. So...this should be fun.


  1. Congrats Sis. You will be great. We had a great lesson this morning all that Paul had been through and still held firm in the church. It makes me want to to better each day. You bring that feeling out in me already so this new calling should be a cake walk. I love you!

  2. I'd love to be in your class, Mal. You'll be fantastic, and I appreciate your comment that we've got to be stretched beyond our comfort zone to really grow... good luck, lady!