Monday, March 28, 2011

Come with me...

Sometimes I have flashbacks of people I've met or places I've seen and I just have to relive them again. I love everything about the invention that is the camera. Hope it's okay if I take you guys back in time with me every now and then. This is probably the first of many sporadic installments of my memory sharing.

In my first area, Rome 1, we had these two men in our advanced english class that were our regulars. Aldo used to be a big deal pianist and carried around binders full of songs he can sing and play. Sometimes after class we'd make him play things for us because it was hilarious. He's also really good at english and a result, he would sometimes be mean to Joseph (the white haired man who understands english a lot less). Aldo uses this skill for bad/funny purposes. Like one time during class, because Joseph didn't understand and Aldo did, Aldo turned to Joseph with a proud smirk and said with his italian accent, "You're more of a hinderance than a help." He was so proud of himself that he knew that phrase in english. haha

This next lad is Anziano Pace. He started his mission in Cagliari-the very same transfer I was transfered there. He had a fire for sharing the gospel like I had never seen before. I never knew another missionary like him. His sincerity was unreal. He is such a humble, genuinely caring missionary and it was impossible to think anything but good things about him. One time in district meeting, he showed us a talent that none of us had expected--yodeling. Apparently he learned online and performed at a school talent show or something. haha Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tate + singing + Marry Poppins = Me not sorely all

One of the many things that my sister is amazing at is her parenting. Seriously, she amazes me all the time. Tate LOVES stories, bedtime songs, and even has them memorized. One night after driving home from the mall, he was singing some supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (yeah, I googled the spelling). haha His lisp is adorable and I LOVE the end when he does his "Hum diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay!" Sorry the lighting is meager, as I said, it was night time.

Texas--Final take...which would be 3

The beginning of my Houston vacation! I think I had a dopey grin on my face from start to finish. Kim kept saying things like, "I hope you have a good time." and I had to keep reassuring her, "You don't understand, I'm pretty sure I could get mugged and attacked by a herd of wildabeasts and still enjoy every second of this vacation." It proved to be true--well I didn't get mugged or anything, but I enjoyed these 3 days to the fullest! Exhibit A: me obviously getting giddy in my traveling exhaustion as the Denver airport transports you in something that, to me, is reminiscent of a metro. Yes, you can judge me for finding joy in odd things like this. I will, and do. There she be!! Houston! I never used to be a big city girl. In fact, when I went to New York City....I really didn't like it in the least. But all big cities since then have efficiently stolen my heart--Houston included.
One of the many things that I love about Kim--she's my running buddy! Running feels like much less of a chore when you can go with someone to talk to and keep your mind busy. It's always a good time for girl talk and reason to rationalize what you're undoubtedly going to partake of later that day. i.e. chocolate covered strawberry ice cream. Er...yeah. Not even going to feel a bit guilty.
We thought we were working out. Tate thought we were climbing objects. All parties were amused.
Who could even be the slightest bit mad? Come on, just look at how he wreaks of adorableness!
One day Kim and Glenn took me to this massive store FULL of accessorizing goods. It's almost a sensory overload. I didn't know where to start and for some reason I couldn't stop smiling. Hmm...combination of vacation + anything that allows me to accessorize. Tate has an apparent knack for matching things up.

Religion meets bedazzling! This place was incredible because there was stuff like this everywhere. It's like a massive warehouse of any and all accessories you could ever want. And I dare you to find something that's not bedazzled enough. Texas will see you, and raise you something like this:

If Webster ever found himself at a loss for words, perhaps he'd use this photo to help explain what it means to be hard core.
This marks the beginning of our evening of: Texan fair, Texan rodeo, and Texan Tim...though I actually have no idea where he's from. It was an afternoon/evening of high dosages of Texas and I couldn't have soaked it in any more! Loved it! Here is the beginning of our "letting loose". We had no idea what was in store but before even entering, the golf cart parking left us pleased.

IS everything bigger in Texas? I've always wondered, and I will wonder no more!
Nothing says, "Pick me to hold up your pants" like a plethera of massive, bejeweled circles of texan leather. Yes. Just yes to everything that's happening.

I had to. This is just funny.
"To do" list before I croak: Be able to rock a cowboy hat like an ol' pro. I have yet to be able to accomplish it--as you can tell--but I feel like we're making progress. Glenn on the other hand looks, indeed, like a man from snowy river.
Cowboy boots. Is it a sign that I'd been in this fair for too long if these were actually looking cute to me? Lemme know!!
Sooo much to try on. Just keep a VERY open mind cause...well...just take a look for yourself:
Kim and I died laughing because someone had to try one of these one. We just didn't tell Glenn until after the photo was taken that there's a "Women's shawls" sign by these delights.
Puppets are just always funny. The lady at the stand thought we were genuinely interested and tried to grab one and have it talk to us. In reality...we just wanted to make fun of the whole idea.
In need of a night light? Look no further than your Bud Light or tobasco sauce bottle. Reusing takes a whole new meaning.
Yes, there was a Jon Deere section of this massive Texan fair. And...partaking was exactly what Kim and I thought would be appropriate. Love it!
What a great trip! Other highlights: Redboxing "Morning Glory" and rewinding the jet part 35 times because we were laughing hysterically, Watching the Bachelor and being reassured that after watching some really coo coo's nest females, that I really don't have many problems--for example, "it feels like I got punched in the stomach......and the heart". Hilarious. Gaining a new appreciation for the hilarity of Meryl Streep. Egg white waffles. Shopping at ZARA--which, if we're being honest, brings nothing but true joy. haha Learning that starting the day off with spinach really is the only way to go. Pretty much, in a nutshell, the Makechnie clan = nothing short of a good time. Thanks for having me and showing me around! I loved every second and have been going through withdrawls ever since. In fact, I find comfort in a friendship with fellow classmate who's from Texas and I think it's one of our bonding points. haha Thanks for an amazing trip mom and dad. It was perfect!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Texas sock rockin'--Take 2

So Kim, Glenn and I got to hit up a fair, rodeo AND Timothy McGraw concert. It was every and all things Texan. I have this problem where when I get really excited about something....I lose all control. Everything becomes hilarious and photoworthy. Poor Glenn was probably impeccably embarassed by mine and Kim's sheer glee at everything happening. Here is a quick glimpse:
Entrance of the petting zoo. Yeah, Tate was home with a sitter but Kim and I still wanted to have a go. Kim and I walked toward it singing "spring, spring, spring" from seven brides to seven brothers. There's a scene in that movie where all the darling boys take the ladies to hold and see the cute baby animals. Hilarious because even without the bright colored clothed, singing lads, it was just as enjoyable....and hilarious.
We were so excited about the baby kangaroos. They were, as fate would have it, the only animals that we couldn't touch. But alas, still closer than I have previously been complaints.
Darling little piggy. One of the many animals that is only cute when it's teeny tiny.
Llama llama llama! Nervous? Yes indeed but more funny that we're two adults NOT holding a young child so they can see the animal. Negative. We just honestly wanted to play with them ourselves. haha Good times.
We wanted to see the baby deer the whole time. Let's be serious. The only deer I've ever seen have been ones that my father/brothers have hunted or the many that have unfortunately become victims of vehicles here in Logan. It was darling and we couldn't stop laughing because we automatically went into high pitched voices talking to it.
"Are you a baby deer?" "Yes you are!" was like "are you my mother" for deer. Awesome.
Aaannnd the hilarity continues. I am an Arrested Development fan and this was just a photo op waiting to happen. "There's always money in the banana stand." And the fact that it's called "squeezers" was just asking for us to find it funny and pose in a childish manner.
Wow. Texas can and does fry everything. We were laughing and the limitless options of already NOT low in fat food that you could have deep fried. Did we try a couple of things? Well, yes...because we thought it'd be funny. And we were right.
Fried cookie dough, cheesecake, and oreos. The only reason I didn't feel guilt for the rest of my life is because my sister and I were going for right nice jogs each morning. Definitely not something to do on a regular basis. But come on, it's Texas.
This would be the cookie dough.
Sisters!! This was in the MASSIVE stadium where we got to watch a rodeo that was SOO much more hard core than the dear one that Pleasant Grove puts on. It was also here where later that night, Tim McGraw pleased the crap out of us. Zero disappointments that night. Zero.
Exhibit A. I have never considered myself a cowgirl or into cowboys--at all. But oh dear, something happened when ol' Tim came out. I didn't realize how much I loved him and his music until this eve. He has some genuinely great tunes and put on a concert that made us get giddy, laugh and sing right outloud. Thanks Tims parents. We enjoy your son to the fullest. (Yes, I am entirely aware that is awkward, but I will not be deleting it.)
You would think that'd be the end. But it's sure not. Just wait...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Break in Texaassss--Part 1

I am one of the luckiest people on the planet because I got to spend 3 blissful days of my spring break in Houston, Texas with my sister and her darling fam. It was so nice to have some time away when I didn't have to think about homework, males, jobs (or the lack thereof), etc. It was playtime. And playtime with Kim is always a good idea. I have OODLES of pictures so I thought I'd post them as a couple of seperate posts. But here is our trip to the zoo. Kim and I were talking about how even as adults we get genuinely excited about things that some people grow out of--like zoos or Disneyland. I hope I always find joy and have a sense of wonder about simple things like this. So here is a bit of our trip to the zoo and playtime at Kemah. More to come but til then, enjoy! He was really hesitant to crawl through this tunnel and...we ended up backing out the way we came after this picture, but it was a fun idea. haha

Little Tate takes after his daddy when it comes to his love for fish. He loved staring at all the pretty colored fish in the acquarium.

I sure love my sister Kim. She never ceases to amaze me with how great of a mom she is. She's just so patient and honestly adores her son regardless of his mood. I just think she's an amazing woman.

Little Tate laughing at the meercats.

Nephew, nephew, who can find my nephew?

Little Tate had been looking forward to the "big drums" all day. I love that we went to a zoo full of incredible animals but he really lost all control at the opportunity to play the drums. haha Love that boy.

Sometimes we get to feed a GIRAFFE. Yeah, no big deal or anything. False. It was awesome.

BAH! Were we ACTUALLY that close?! So so cool.

Jellyfish were one of the highlights of the day. I just think some underwater creatures seem like they shouldn't live on our planet. They just seem like they're from another world. I love 'em. Jellyfish, starfish, etc.

With our last evening, we went out to the boardwalk--Kemah. It was so beautiful. I didn't want to leave.

One of the many things that I'm going to miss about Texas is this little guy. When you can't choose between orange juice and milk, don't!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quirk Revealing

I am about to reveal a quirk. I'm going to the airport today on my way to Texas to see my sister. Airports usually rub everybody the wrong way, right? The long lines, worrying about if your bag weighs too much, the unwanted pat-downs at security (that was a rough introduction back to normal life at a layover on my way home from the mish. haha). Well while I'm well aware that many people hate the whole process, I love it--not the awkward security pat downs but everything else.I love walking into the airport seeing all of the rushing people, looking at the flight board and just wondering where everyone is going. I love extra time before my flight. I love people watching. I love wandering around the airport to all of the little shops--not to buy anything but just because I have time to take a gander. I love going into the magazine shops and "tourism" shops that usually sell the most bizzare gear that supposedly represents their state. For this purpose, I love layovers. Airports can be so interesting to me and the changing accents/little quirks are fun to pick out.

I love so much about the flight too. I just find so much of it funny and amusing and somehow that just makes me love everything about it. For example, the blue staticy blanket. I love it. I have no idea why. It's not that soft, nor warm, nor lengthy by any means, and yet I love ripping it out of its little plastic bag and pretending like it's just the ticket. I love the tiny bathrooms. I usually make a point of drinking a lot of liquid because I find the bit size bathrooms thousands of miles up to be hilarious. I love the in-flight snack. Does anybody else have a usual? I always get peanuts and cranapple juice. Okay, occasionally I'll get ginger ale. I've tried having peanuts and cranapple juice on land and the experience is so mediocre. Something about the ambiance and being in flight going somewhere exciting makes something as ordinary as peanuts and a staticy blanket a complete delight. Part of the reason why it's all enjoyable it is the fact that I'm there usually means I'm about to have a great adventure--go somewhere I've never been, see things I've never seen, talk to strangers, take lots of pictures, and just have an experience that makes me want to write down every detail so I never forget a thing. I love it. My Texan adventure starts in only a few hours and it starts at the SLC airport. Pictures and stories to come...