Friday, October 21, 2011

Friends and Visitors

So I haven't posted for a wee bit. Not because there's not a lot going on...mostly just because I don't know how much of it is valuable to anyone else but me. Though, I suppose, that's what I think before posting anything on this blog own excuse has just been rendered invalid.

First of all, panic attack...also...apparently exaggeration. The fifteenth of October is in the past. It is not only my lovely mamas b-day, but also the date that I entered the MTC back in 2008. It's super bizzarre to look back and think that whole wonderful experience began 3 YEARS ago. How is that supposed to make me feel anything but elderly? I've also been home as long as I was gone. The stress-case in me gets worried because I wonder how I could ever do as much good in any year-and-a-half space of time as I did as a missionary. I know that I've done great things and I've learned so much since I've been home...but I still long for Italy sometimes. I still find days that I have to convince myself that my mission wasn't a dream. But it really wasn't. I forget my dreams 10 minutes after I awake. And my mission is in my thoughts daily. Clearly not a dream.

I went to the mission reunion a couple of weeks ago. I never tire of seeing fellow missionaries from my mission. There's a type of love and respect for each other that...I dunno...just doesn't form between fellow students in Sociology classes, for example. Something about being able to see someones growth as a missionary and inner strength as a person is so beautiful. Miss Layne Watson and I will always have a super tight bond. We were in the same MTC group, would always spend our PE time talking while working out, wrote each other throughout our missions, and are dear friends after. It is a friendship that's nothing but satisfying to me. I hope everyone has a friendship like this. I learn so much from her, laugh my face of with her, and yet am inspired to be better around her. I just love the mutual love that we have for each other. We adore each other. Everyone deserves to be genuinely adored. Satisfying and beautiful.

We got Aubs for breakfast while Russ was golfing. We went to eat at Angie's. It's just a random local place that apparently, according to the slogan, the locals dig on a consistent basis. Yes, apparently my eyes are uber sensitive and I squint like mad when the sun merely glances my way.

Jacquel got home from her mish this summer and I was employed VERY part-time so we were able to spend a lot of time together. One of my favorite things was star-gazing with her. Do I actually know how to find any constellations? Err...not really. First of all, it's free. So I now keep a blanket in my trunk at all times because sometimes star gazing sounds so delightful and just must be done. Something about staring at the stars helps me gain perspective. Our talks under the stars somehow always seem profound, though I'm sure it's just because I'm looking at something beautiful and majestic while it's all going down. Love this lady. She's wonderful.
Aubrey and I always have a blast together. We have very similar humors and therefore, sometimes forget to filter what we say. It's not ever just not always politically correct. And the fact that we've lived in Europe together and witnessed many-a-person take peace sign pictures...we feel like we can do it in front of the "local" restaurant. Something about acting like gits and standing out just to remind ourselves of Europe is the type of behavior we indulge in on a regular basis. Good times.
Anywho, yet again, random post. I think I just sometimes get the feelings that I should just stop and do appreciations posts. You know? I have a GRUNDLE of nonsensical parties and thoughts that I post on here. But sometimes there's just something lovely about stepping back and finding life and the people in it beautiful. That's all. :)

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  1. how did you know I needed this today? thank you for your kind words. I'm so grateful for you and our beautiful friendship. I love you to the moon and back sorella.