Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hilarious French Man + Gymnastics Prank = Hilarity

Tonight was fabulous. We went to the USU vs BYU hockey game. It was brilliant. Especially since the only thing I know about the sport, I have learned from the Mighty Ducks triology. Not joking. I kept waiting/hoping they'd break into the "Flying V".

We came home and watched some hilarious vids. I just have a deep appreciation for people who make their own fun. Therefore, a man like Remi Gaillard does nothing but make me laugh. He's nuts but absolutely hilarious. His pranks are always one of a kind and usually involve some sort of over-the-top costume. He's hilarious. He makes everything awkward. And all things awkward please me. haha So here's a wee taste:

We later had some people over for cookies and ice cream and just talked and laughed for a while. I have discovered that humor is a definite must for me. I've dated some really sweet guys that...are just kind of boring. The friends that came over tonight are just super fun and...the opposite of boring in every way. I love that. I enjoy finding joy and humor in my life and I just genuinely appreciate the people that make those things easy to notice.

I then stayed up with two of my roomies until...oh...late. I ADORE my roommates. We just have so much fun together and get along like a charm. I lucked out big time. I totally brought my camera with me this evening in hopes of taking pics. Yeah, that didn't happen. :( There are more parties and good times to be had. We'll have to remember to make a passerby capture them in digital form for us. Til then, enjoy Remi and all of his hilarity. :)

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