Monday, September 26, 2011

The latest haps

  • You know that little compartment between the drivers seat and that of the passenger? Yes, well I opened it yesterday and found a Redbox flick. I don't know how long it has been in there. Part of me wanted to laugh, the other part (the one that was thinking of my bank account) wanted to throw up. haha Good one Mal.
  • I currently have been listening to a lot of David Archuletta. Who's a spaz? Yup, pick me. Especially today, for some reason I was just being rubbed the right way by his tunes and therefore they were the obvious choice on my Logan de-stressifying drive.
  • My jog yesterday was all I ever wanted. It was really nice. There's something so satisfying about running to me. I love it. I need new shoes though. I've had my current ones for a year and a half (which I don't know if that's a long or short about of time) but they have a hole in the bottom going right through. Hmm...not a problem as long as there aren't puddles right?
  • I had a U.S. History test on Friday and didn't go fantastically, I fear. It almost made me feel unpatriotic. Who am I to not be super knowledgeable about my homeland?
  • So I've been a wee bit of a girl lately...which I have found annoying...and I've been searching for some closure from a certain lad. I don't understand how to get it. I kind of just want to drop an a-bomb on my feelings and have them go away. I've talked to my fav roomies, googled it, and have just decided that closure is at the top of my list of things that Ol' Saint Nick can bring me for Christmas.
  • My first day of teaching Gospel Doctrine was today. It probably takes me more time than the average Joe to study up and feel confident with it, but I loved teaching today. How funny that I've been avoiding this calling for years and it turns out to be one that I really enjoy. Outside of my comfort zone and yet, I like it there. haha It was fun. It's going to take a lot of work, but thus far it's been worth it.
Well I am going to sleep because I have a test tomorrow. But perhaps later this week I'll post about an "alliance" that we're forming. It's a hilarious plan we've come up with and I'm stoked for it to come about. Til then!


  1. So glad your gospel doctrine class went well! I must hear all about it. I'm not terribly well-versed in running shoe wear either but I'm pretty sure holes=time for new shoes. Can't wait to hear about the alliance.

  2. I love David Archuleta. Katie has his CD and I stole it and listen to it in the car. He is wonderful.
    Also, sorry about the lad. What is it about boys not caring about having closure and leaving us out to dry and stomping on our hearts? Idiots.
    I am so happy you like teaching. Russ just got called to be the Gospel Principles teacher and after his lesson yesterday, an older lady came up to him and said, "You need to learn a few things about teaching. If you don't ask such simplistic questions, you will be such a better teacher." Ouch. Try swallowing that one and not getting offended and storming out never to return after that one!