Monday, December 5, 2011

I just keep slamming you with loves

  • Thanks to my darling-to-look-at, yet tractionless boots, Humpty Dumpty is not the only one who had a great fall. That's correct my good friends, I was walking down a steep side walk and fell right on my glutey. Hilarious because I feel like that's something we all dread when there's snowfall.
  • Guess who is the Fun Parks employee of the month?!?!? That is right, yours truly. Feel free to label me an emotional sap for the fact that it genuinely made my day. I get my picture on the wall and a 20 buck bonus. So....feeling pretty fly at my job even though I hand out magic ink all day for 75 tickets.
  • I'm getting into herbal tea. Today I'm trying a Cinnamon Apple Spice flavor and dear me, it's delish. (One of my attempts to drink something other than Orange Juice.)
  • I AM loving that crap out of Parks and Recreation. I only started watching it last season, but it's hysterical. Safe to say that it's my new favorite show. I own the second season but have a lot of catching up to do. The characters are quirky in the best way possible and Tom and Ron usually make me laugh outloud every episode. Here's clip of Tom that pleases me on a consistent basis: (Warning: The quality is poor, though the hilarity makes up for it.)

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