Saturday, January 29, 2011

But Baby It's Cold Inside...

Our utilities bill was larger than we'd wanted last semester. We decided in November/December to keep our thermostat a little lower and just dress warmer so we could save moolah on our heating. Brilliance right? We're practically a budget conscious married couple...except we're not married...and there are three of us. Mmm...analogy no longer very accurate. Moving forward...

I went home for 3 weeks at Christmas time. It was everything delightful. The day before coming back to Loblan, I read my friends blog (who lives here) and she wrote about how bitter cold it was and how she had to sleep with an extra pair of socks. let the mental preparedness begin.

I drove up to Loblan, unloaded my stuff in my apartment, and it was frigid. I was so surprised by the level of freezingness. I slept with an extra pair of socks, wrapped myself in my blanket, had a sweat shirt on, burried myself in my big pretty comforter, and wished I could have hid my head in my bed too because it was super cold. The thermostat said 70 degrees, but I'm telling you, I felt like Sanka from Cool Runnings... The next couple of days felt the same. I kept thinking that I needed to stop being a baby. We were saving moolah, and it wasn't even that cold--I mean, 70 degrees should be totally bearable. But what was cool was when I walked outside, it didn't feel that cold outside. I guess the lack of drastic temperature change (even if just in my mind) made going outside not even a big thang.

Next day, my friend Kori and I watched Bend It Like Beckham on my couch--wrapped in a blanket, sweat shirts on, and we couldn't feel our noses. Peculiar. I'm hardly awesome at temperature guaging, I kept thinking about how uncomfortably cold 70 degrees is.

I kept layering and dealing with it, feeling tough and imagining how miniscule our heating bill was going to be. I ran into my roommate on her way out and I made a comment in passing like, "It's sure cold in here isn't it...haha". She said, "Yeah, that's because the heat is off." Yes er'body, there was snow outside and this is the beginning of January we're talking about. haha I just died laughing and felt less crazy about being shiverlicious for a couple of days.

We're going to lower our utility bill. We really are. But we're most definitely turning on the heat.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweaty, Puffy-eyed, Computer woes

Saturday. I can sleep in. No homework due the next day. It's my day.

Well, this last Saturday didn't really feel like it was my day. Allow me to explain:

Everything started off well. I had a meeting for a group project from 10-12 in the library.

Then went on a jog up the canyon with my friend Kori. It was nice. Completely obvious that I haven't jogged outside in a while though. Blasted treadmills. On the way back from our jog it started snowing a wee bit. It had been cold the whole jog but nothing unbearable.

We finished our jog. I came home. Checked my e-mail and was looking for pictures for my next blog (still not done with that one) when....virus. Yeah. A virus warning popped up on my screen which I was an idiot and clicked on because I got a virus a month ago and spent a pretty peso getting it repaired. I clicked on the "remove virus" button and according to the bloke's at Geek Squad, that was exactly what I wasn't supposed to do because the whole thing was apparently a hoax. Awesome.

So fun things start popping up in the corner of my computer like, "An identity theft attempt has just taken place" and things implying that it was trying to break into my bank account. Cue the unnecessary tears and speed dial for my mom. I cry to my mom for a bit (because that seems to make everything better right?) about my not positive feelings about this situation--identity theft, bank account being robbed...oh ya know, just hadn't been on my agenda for the day. I decide to take my laptop to Geek squad. They should be able to solve my problems right?

Keep in mind however that I'm hardly a lovely sight to behold. I hadn't showered yet from my jog so I'm nice and sweaty, red faced, and my eyes do this lovely thing when I cry where they swell up like "Hitch" when he eats fish or whatever it is he's allergic to. So I'm nice and red, sweaty, and splotchy. It's a good look for me.

Geek squad: I set my computer down, trying not to freak out or throw up tears all over them because I'm an emotional woman about the crazy things that could happen from this. Anywho, I asked the "geek" if these warnings were true and I was actually in danger of those things. (Mind you, I feel that I'm a pretty patient lass. I've worked customer service jobs so I understand the importance of being a kind customer and a helpful worker) However, this guy was rubbing me the wrong way entirely. While I'm completely frantic and wanting him to do something to my computer right away to stop all of these things from happening, he thinks the best approach to handling me is to talk excessively slow and confirm all of my greatest fears. Fabulous. " general...when these types of things happen....they do steal identities....and get money...from your bank account." Oooohhh my stars sir, this is exactly how I do NOT need you to be talking to me right now.

Meanwhile I'm starting to get chills down my spine. I'm reminded of my jog in the mountains this morning and am wondering if perhaps I'm starting to get sick. Achy. And...a hint of dizziness coming on. I continue to try to be patient with him though I really wish I was some version of Sydney Bristow and could just take him down for wasting my time in a situation of stress and get him to do what I want because I can physically dominate him. (Hmm...future p.e. class possibility) Alas, I am not that girl and try to be friendly and patient besides the fact that everything is starting to get fuzzy and I'm feeling a wee bit dizzy....and...come to think of it I might throw up.

It nearly broke my heart to have to interrupt his painfully slow explanations that provided nothing but further dread and frustration but I managed to focus my eyes on him and say, "Sir, I'm going to need you to get me a chair. I'm dizzy and need to sit down." He gets me a stool and I nearly asked for water but decided to let the socially awkward lad just continue to talk slow to me while it was easy for me to tune him out.

Finally we came to the "you fix it, I pay you" arrangement and I handed the stool back to him as I left.

Feeling red, achy, puffy, and now annoyed, I went home and decided to read a little bit in my Nicholas Sparks book. Ha. Not the best idea. The last time I closed the book it was out of sheer frustration that ol' Nick had allowed this darling couple to become a depressing love story by putting the woman in the couple in a coma. So here I am, looking completely ravaged, reading a story where completely darling man goes and talks to his wife in a coma every day and I lay on my bed shedding tears and restarting the splotchy, red, swollen eye cycle. Because of the book? Just complete self pity? Combination of the two? Unknown. But I find myself completely amused with the patheticness of the day and decided I needed to stop all of this because I felt ridiculous.

Step one. Take a shower. It was delicious in every way. So warm and made my yucky achy chills go away. I definitely didn't conserve water with that shower. Sorry.
Step two. Get out of the house. Go do something fun that doesn't involve crying over fictional characters or yourself. So I went to the USU basketball game with a friend from the MTC. We won and it was nice.
Step three. Go to church. I always do but I for some reason decided to go early. I went 10 minutes early so I could read the scriptures and just relax. It was lovely. I will definitely be making a habit out of it.

I write all of this down not as a pity party because really I'm completely fine. I just found the whole day completely hilarious. Even as everything was going on, even though I was bugged about a lot of it, in the back of my mind I was rolling my eyes and laughing because I realized how silly the situation was and how ridiculous I looked. It was one for the books. What oh what should I do this Saturday?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The opposite of smooth

There have been a couple recent run-ins with random people that have left me shaking my head and laughing. I figure the exceeding awkwardness needed to be recorded somehow. So...enjoy.


I pulled into the gas station on my way home for the weekend. Really nothing of particular interest happened until some guy in a truck pulled into the pump behind me.

He got out of his car and was acting fidgety and nervous. He kept glancing at me and then looking away quickly. Odd behavior. He made several silly attempts of making small talk. He spoke from his gas pump (so more than a normal conversaion distance away) and spoke really quietly and hesitantly. "What are you doing this weekend?" He'd ask. "Op, just going home to hang out with my family." Was my simple reply.

He asked where I was from and I told him. He nodded. " you like it there?" He asked. Er..."yep, I do like it there."

There was something in my car that I wanted to throw away. There was no garbage by the gas pump so I was going to have to bring it inside the gas station store. I started walking toward the gas station and he acted kind of frantic and said, "What's the matter? Is everything okay?" I just turned to look at him, puzzled and said, "Yes. I'm just throwing something away." I went back to my car and pulled the gas-filler upper (yep, permission to mock) out of my car and I put it back. " all filled up?" he asks with his trademark quiet nervous voice. I assumed since I was pulling the thing out of my car that it was obvious but apparently he wanted this clarified. "yep."

He asked if I wanted to hang out that weekend and I repeated that I was going home so that wasn't going to happen. "'re just really nice. I'd really like to see you again." The only thing the man knows about me is that I throw away my trash and notify him when my gas tank has reached 'full'. I got his hint that he wanted to set up some future...something...but just said, "Well maybe I'll bump into you at the gas station again. It could happen right?"

Getting into my car I hear him getting up the courage and finally says, "Can I have your number?" Call me a terrible person but I was just done have this tangibly uncomfortable conversation and didn't even want to address this. So...I pretended like I didn't hear him and got in the car. Need to change gas stations or is that normal?

Next awkward moment up for bid: THE MOVIE STORE

It's a Saturday night. I don't have any huge plans. Thought I'd rent a flick and prepare my lesson for church the next day. I was walking around the movie store taking a gander at all of my options. I tend to take a long time to make silly decisions like what movie I should rent. If I don't have it in mind when I go, then it's a process. But I don't have any huge plans besides putting last finishing touches on a lesson plan on Fasting so I wasn't really pressed for time.

You know when you're going down an aisle looking at movies or books and someone next to you is at a stand still so you have to quietly excuse yourself and cross to the other side of them to continue your search? Well I had one of these with an older asian man. Seem like a nice old guy. He was taking more time to stare at each movie section than I was so I crossed in front and continued on my way. No big deal.

Well somehow I had this moment several more times with this same man. Though I noticed as I'd pass him that he'd watch me for a while after. Huh.

I didn't really think anything of it and just continued my lengthy search to find a gold mine of entertainment for the night. After I'd been there a while I'd finally decided on some movie with the Eiffel Tower on the cover and was gonna head home. I was heading to the checkout and out of nowhere this old little asian man that I'd passed several times comes up to me with a smile that made me feel kinda yucky (which is saying something because as much as I adore Europe, there are some world class creepers there) and asked me my name. Don't ask me why but it came totally natural for me to say, "Juliet". haha He then asked me which films I was renting. I showed him. He then showed me what he was renting. (Cough) I see a pink, foggy cover, a picture that I tried to block out, and the title, "Kissing with your mouth open"!!!! haha WHAT?!? He then looked up at me with another smile that made me want nothing but distance from this guy. I made up some lie about "forgetting something". Though, let's be serious, the only thing I forgot is the one aisle of movies I had not yet walked down. I tried to waste a lot of time and he was thankfully gone when I went back to the check out.

Can we just talk about this for two seconds...What is THAT?!?! haha I mean, come on. First of all let's talk age. I don't know if there's much that creeps me out more than older men who honestly think they have a chance at being with someone young enough to be their child. This man was probably 40. Second, WHAT did this man think I was going to say when he showed me his movie pic. "That is my favorite movie." "Well that just sounds lovely!" "Should we watch that together or something?" Yuck. You walked around the movie store for over a half hour and came out with "Kissing with your mouth open". I try not to judge. I really do. But...I judged him. haha Oh dear. Maybe NetFlicks isn't such a bad idea.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Merry Blissmas

There isn't one thing that I don't love about Christmas. It really is a beautiful, magical holiday, and one of the few holidays in the year when reflecting on the life of the Savior is natural and expected--Christmas. :) I love it. This was my first one since Italy. It was a little different....cause Kenz and I were the only kids at home, but it was also really wonderful. Here's the classic, "Smile for the camera before we let you come up the stairs and see the loot" pic taken Christmas morning. We obviously can't just stand straight and act normal... Santa gave Kenz a darling, trendy coat from a Bags that Fit. (It's a darling boutique that, since discovered, has done nothing but bless my life and enrich my wardrobe.) haha Santa didn't think I was naughty this year because I got a Bizzangin' GPS running watch that I couldn't be more stoked about. Is it silly that having a gadget makes me feel like I can ACTUALLY call running one of my hobbies now? haha It makes me feel more legit even if I don't run at lightning speed. (It's about distance right?) :)

And THEN I got a hamster!!That is a lie. But I just like this picture.

For some reason faces of boredom and uncertainty come natural when we're asked to pose for the camera. explanations.

This is my old comp S.lla Skabelund. We were comps in La Spezia and I killed her. (AKA I was with her for her last 3 transfers and to finish her off so-to-speak). She has been home since February, got married to her love from before the mish and is now happily with child.

Aubrey. Ah, yes. Aubrey is one of the delightful girls that I went to Paris with. I can't believe it has been over three years and yet my eyes get all moist when I look at pictures and whenever I meet with lasses like Aubs (who went with me) we can talk and laugh about it for hours. There was a Starbucks in Paris right by where we went to school and Le Centre Pompidou where we hung out all the time. So we sometimes meet up at Starbucks and pretend like we're still at the one in Paris.

Ace and Bouley! This is Miss Stacy (though, she's officially hitched. So... do I need to call her Mrs Stacy?) She is one of my dear dear high school friends that I was able to get together with over the break. She was also this summer in being my running buddy. I love this girl and getting to see her never makes me grumpy.

More Parisian pals!! haha Steph and Kate are two more dears that I adore the crap out of. We may or may not have met up at Kneaders robbin' them (except we paid) of their french toast because it is the only thing in these parts that bears the name. I hadn't seen Steph since before the mission and I'd just seen Kate at her wedding reception so it was lovely getting to play with them. Kate went back to paris while I was on my mission and did an internship there. Crazy cool right? Alls I'm saying is if I find a gradschool that wants to ship me to Europe for the purpose of gaining work experience in an internship, that wouldn't be the worst thing. I l-o-v-e these girls and our hilarious conversations togeth.
I don't know why I don't have a million brazillian pictures with my family. One reason perhaps is that I thought I'd lost my camera. I'd searched long and hard Christmas morning but with no success. I, therefore, went all of Christmas vaca using my folk's camera (taking pics with my friends above) and only when I was packing up to go to back to Blowgan did I find mine in my backpack. Smooth right? haha But we had a lot of fun with the fam. Kim, Glenn and Tate came out to play for a week. We did some shopping, everyone helped me prepare for a slammin' mission friend party (that pretty much no one showed up to because Mother Nature had a temper tantrum that night and snowed everyone in...I almost wrote snew for past tense of snow....permission to judge me), saw some flicks (a couple of which I could probably write a whole post about...though I don't think it'd interest anyone but me), LOTS of card games--which just happen to be my cup of tea, and some straight-up good chats. I love my fam.
Now I'm back in Blowgan and many interesting things have already happened. Can't wait to tell you 'bout it. Just keep in mind that nothing that I write on here is made up. ;)