Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Love is up and running...??

Here it be: Another post of little deets...or tails...about things that I have loved about my life lately.

  • I got a text at 11:00 at night from a co-work which said, "Dating advice?" haha He's a good friend and every shift we work together he asks me for dating advice. It's one of my favorite things. Yesterday at work he was asking me things I've liked about previous guys I've dated and at one point he said, "Wow. That's really good. I'm going to write that down." haha I love that. I don't know if my advice is actually THAT superb, but the fact that he values my opinion so much is flattering.
  • We had a devotional the other night and at one point, the lad across the aisle from me opened up his notebook and marked his scripture reading in the front. I'm pleased to inform you that he hasn't missed a day. haha Okay so I have no clue who he is, but when people are diligent about things like that, the little missionary in me is so happy...even if I don't know them.
  • My institute teacher is a gem. He's hysterical. And I'm pretty sure we're friends. He'll talk to me in front of the whole class and I've been getting the impression lately that he likes me so much that he wants to marry me off. haha Usually I would be irritated by this behavior, but because I think he's funny, it's therefore kind of endearing. A couple of weeks ago he came and sat by me before class and said, "So...Mallory, have you been going out with anyone from class? Is there anyone that's caught your eye? Do I need to provide more time for mingling?" haha He doesn't talk to other people about this. Nope. Just me. haha Today after class I was talking to a guy in our class and my teacher said from across the room, "So Mallory, who are you going on a date with this weekend?" I told him that I was working this weekend. "'s a guy supposed to ask you out?" I just said something like...just ask and we'll come up with something. The guy I was with said, "Well there's always Sunday." My institute teacher just smiled and looked pleased with himself. He is terrible at being discreet, but I find his intentions endearing.
  • We have a sign on our fridge that I find hilarious every time I pass it. It says, "You are what you eat....funny...I don't remember eating any sexy beasts lately." haha Excellency.
  • I cut my hair. It's shorter and I now have straight across bangs. I always go through an awkward phase of "why did I do that you git?!"...but I actually really love it now. It's nice to have a new look from time to time.
  • So...I've always hated washing my face morning and night. I found the solution! I have two different face washes that I use and for some reason, the fact that I use two makes the process entirely enjoyable. I put my ipod in, sing songs while doubling up on facial cleansing. It's a delight. It think I now enjoy facial hygiene more than ever before.
  • I bought new boots!! Dear me they are not repulsive to lay your eyes upon. My boots from last year have bitten the dust. There are holes all the way through the bottom and have taken a good lickin'. Hmmm....word choice? These boots are taller, an interesting color and...I'm clearly incapable of accurately describing them. I'll post a picture later? Point being, I'm currently pleased with my footwear. Functional yet sassy. Love it!
  • And just because I generally share some sort of musical delight, here is one of my new favorite tunes. This little group just completely rubs me the right way. I just love their chill sound and the fact that I just want to close my eyes and have them sing to me all the time. haha Hope you enjoy!

That's all for today folks. Hope you've noticed some loves lately.


  1. I want to: hear how sunday date went, see your hair, wear your boots, listen to your music, and wash my face next to you. can we make all these things happen some day? xoxo

  2. yes pictures of your hair, boots and this boy too! haha!