Friday, April 1, 2011

A Pop of Color

The Festival of Colors was this last weekend and I've been wanting to go for a mighty long time. Lucky for me, my dear sister Aubry has felt the exact same way. One babysitter later, and we had ourselves a hot date filled with chalk, dancing, and loads of laughter. Have a look! We were so excited for our before and after pictures, but before we could take our before pic, some chalk covered people ran at us and yelled, "Clean people!!" and doused us with chalk. hilarious.
We bought different packets of chalk. We started with 6 colors. You'd think it'd be sufficient but nay. This was all too fun and we ended up heading back for 2 more...just to prolong this day of hilarious bliss.
The temple place is actually a pretty sweet looking building. I was kinda surprised they wanted us hooligans out throwing colored goods about when their temple is nearby and white.
So once every 2 hours, everyone there throws a bunch of chalk in the air. I'm pretty sure Aubs and I were laughing the whole time. And in between the 2 hour chalk throwings, we danced, listened to some preaching, threw chalk at random people, watched the people sliding down the muddy hill on their stomachs, etc. Really if you were bored at this place, you are very difficult to impress. ha
Aubs had the coolest coloring. The yellow patch that's on her nose/eye was a result of me saying, "hey let me get some yellow by your chin." Hmm...hand eye coordination is obviously not impeccable. This is why I don't play sports with competitive people who expect me to perform well and not just enjoy myself to the max. haha
Oh so funny. As we meandered around from place to place, we'd just grab some chalk and throw it at people. They were usually quite appreciative. haha But mostly we would just laugh because it's just something so out of our norm. Walking around, covered in powdered color, and we're secretly throwing it at people behind their backs. You just can't get away with this behavior every day of the week.
This was at the end of our journey. Like I said, covered. Most of the color came out of my hair quite nicely. Though I got several comments at our home ward the next day saying they didn't know I was a strawberry blond. Nope, it's just chalk. haha
The crowd behind us is where you go for the dancing, body surfing, throwing of chalk, etc. The things we learned!! Let me just share the wealth of knowledge:

"God is a person! He loves variety. He doesn't want everybody to have to be the same race as us, as cool as us, the same religion as us, etc. He loves variety so much that He created sixty-five thousand kinds of beatles! He didn't have to do that. He could have stopped at twenty thousand. We can't even compute sixty-five thousand. He made 21 million different kinds of snowflakes! Now everybody, hug 20 people--that you don't know!" So we did. And it was great.
We got a little lost on our way home but I'm glad we did. More time for Aub and I to chat and we got to see one of the big throwings from afar. What a cool celebration eh? Definitely attending next year.
Here is a little clip of when everybody throws chalk at the same time-once every 2 hours. So great. As one of the 20 people that I have to hug, I would like to embrace the person who came up with this celebration. pleasing. All of it.


  1. Mal~ That was a day of absolute delight! I enjoyed myself so much and it was so fun to laugh and assail unknowing spectators with you. Thanks again! Love ya!

  2. SO FUN! I have never been to this and I am definitely coming with you next year. I can't believe I lived in Problow for 5 years and never experienced this! I love your pics.

    And also, I can't access Facebook at work but I saw through email that you wrote on my wall. And I would love to see you. We're going to be up in Logan tonight...any chance you'll be in town? Say yes, I'd love to see you. I'll probably call you later today.

  3. OH THAT LOOKS SO FUN!! I'm so glad you got to go. And I'm sure it was a blast just hanging out with Aubs too. What fun!

  4. Dad said, well Mallory has always liked people of a different color. Colorful people fit your personality.