Monday, April 11, 2011

Fergalicious definition

When I was little, I loved having my mom tell me the story of how I got my name. It wasn't a very long story at all. Pretty much the highlights are that my dad named all of the other children, and my mom named me. I thought it was SO cool that I was the only one that my mom named. I've always liked my name too. Not overused, but not weird and obviously made up.

I've always found it slightly humorous when people tell you what their name means--like when you first meet them. I dunno, like it's going to change what you think of them or make you think they're so much cooler.

"My name's Matthew. It means Gift from God." Okay. Rad.

"My parent's named me Aiden--meaning little fire." Good one. Props.

Perhaps my amusement-or lack thereof-has made its origin apparent because...I looked up what my name means. Aaannnddd I probably won't be dropping it in a meet cute for cool points. Drumroll.........

Mallory: Unfortunate; ill-omened; ill-fated


  1. haha oh dear. well now its time for you to rise to the challenge and defy your name. kinda cool!

  2. ba ha! that's really funny. good thing you DON'T equal any of those things! :) love you mal!

  3. OK, Whoever made up that definition is lame! Mallory is happy, uplifting, sunny, cheerful and smart. You can tell people your name means whatever you want! I love your name!

  4. Well, you don't have to live up to your name!