Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guess who got herself a job interview??

Just got a phone call from a lad who is responding to my resume! Happy day!!! I was starting to doubt all of my previous job experience and the loads of crap on my resume that say why I'm a worthwhile individual and why you should hire me. Well I got a bite!

Drumroll's an office manager job more drumroll because you'll never believe it...a karate studio! haha Not even joking. I think he likes me because I have an interview with him tomorrow.

I learned my lesson from previous job interviews. Have you ever been asked: How much would you like to get paid? I do not like that question because years ago I had this mental game of, "What do I say? If I say a number that's too high, he'll think he can't afford me. If I say a number that's too low, he'll think I don't value myself or I'm not a good employee or something." Well undervaluing myself is not something that I will be doing! I told him what I'd like to get paid after our conversation and he said, "That's probably doable. Especially considering your experience." Yeah baby!!

Down side: it's only 15-20 hours a week. However, it's all evening hours so I could probably find a second job for the daytime one of my favorite things. I love working two jobs at once.

Also welcome to a conversation with my roommate and I this evening:
Roommate: You're only serious like 10 percent of the time.
Me: PLUS 92 percent of the time.
Roommate: Wow. I'm so glad you're in statistics.
Me: haha Yeah. Me too.


  1. Hooray. Anyone meeting you in person will be blown away. You could always impress him with your knowledge of Ti Chee! Ha I can't spell it. Good luck on your interview.

  2. YEA! That's super duper exciting! I actually love that you could get a job at a karate studio. I think that's just hilarious. I hope you're going to let us know how it goes. Good luck.

  3. I can't believe you really got a karate job...hilarious! You'll have to video and blog alot on that fun job haha! Get back to us on the interview...