Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Keeping the Sabbath Day Strolly

So I think I've previously mentioned my love for Sabbath walks. My friend Kori and I are two of the few people I know (at least here in Blowgan) that don't take naps Sunday afternoon. Instead, we go for walks and take pictures. It has become one of my favorite things. I love being outside, discovering new places, and...maybe jumping the fence to the football stadium in the name of photography. :) We're not actually serious or trying to be models or anything. In fact, when we come home and look at the pictures on our computers we usually just die laughing because we realize how ridiculous we are.

Mrs. Hamm you might ask??

Miss Kor is homeward bound this summer and I have a feeling that doing Sabbath walks/pictures 100% hans solo will be oober lame. But let's be honest, I'll probably still do it. Especially since (cross your fingers) it should actually be WARM this summer. My poor elmers glue/baby powder colored skin has completely forgotten what it's like to feel sunlight. If for no other reason than soaking in the vitamin D, Sabbath walks must go on! Well, there is much homework to be done, but these were some recent goods to be shared. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Mallory. The Sabbath walk tradition must live on, while I'm gone this summer how about we both go on walks at the same time and talk to each other on the phone pretending that we are together! ok, well it's not exactly the same thing but still, it's better than nothing :)

  2. awesome. And I love those purple tights. They suit you very nicely.