Sunday, April 17, 2011

Appreciating the wonder that is Jake Gyllenhaal

What a loverly weekend. We started it off with some good times in the male department. Don't get too excited...well scratch that...DO get too excited because we celebrated Jake Appreciation Day. Does this day exist outside of a group of 4 friends? Negative. But it was a brilliant. Take a wee glance and...any further explanation will be rendered unnecessary.

He has a film out--The Source Code--and we wanted to make an evening dedicated to appreciating this mans existence. (All in good fun...we're not actually insane or anything. I just find home-brewed themed days/parties to be just the ticket.) We wanted to make Jake cake and go to the movie dressed up as references to previous movies that he has made....but the only thing I could think of was to throw Kori in a back know...brokeback mountain...but we didn't. I enjoyed the Source Code to the max there is nothing disconcerting about having to look at this chap for a couple of hours...Nope, didn't hate zat....though I still don't really get the ending. So if you go, call me and explain it to me k?

Next themed party on the horizon: Nacho Libre party. We're going to have chips and salsa, some salad, and watch the movie in our sweats (said in jack blacks accent that unfortunately cannot be typed with the same effect)...or stretchy pants respectively.


  1. Um.... Boooo!!? We had a night of Zach E. appreciation last night. You missed out.

  2. um. this is super. when is your nacho libre party? this seems like something i don't want to miss