Sunday, April 3, 2011

The act of tickling...

I had never really pondered much on the idea, but this week I learned my true feelings on tickling. The opportunity for tickling arose this week and I found myself blatently uninterested in the idea. I don't necessarily even think it was the person. I think it's the thing itself. I'm convinced that even if Channing Tatum or Josh Hartnett gave it a go, I would find myself creeped out and bothered. Tickling is what you do to little babies to hear what their laugh sounds like. If you want to know what my laugh sounds like, say something funny or let's watch a funny film. No need to poke me in the side or armpit. Maybe I'm crazy. Perhaps tickling is right up some peoples alley, but I can't even humor the idea enough to let someone have a go. Seriously, give me a hilarious flick of your choosing and I'll laugh for you. But don't tickle me. Does anyone else feel this way?


  1. hahaha. i lol'd at this post. it is SO TRUE! my feelings on tickling equal the same in every way. this weekend i had an experience with someone who thought it would be a great idea to tickle me and i wanted more than anything for it to stop happening. awkward. amen.

  2. JOSH HARTNETT! Remember how much we loved him after Pearl Harbor? So much that we changed the words to "I love Josh" in that Arabic song and hoped Ms. Taylor wouldn't notice.