Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love this man

I rented a foreign film tonight. Sometimes it's just nice to be able to go somewhere else...even if it's only in film. Well it's an italian one with Roberto Benigni. It's called the Tiger and the Snow.

I find him so so funny. He's just...unreal. I love how much he talks with his hands. I love that he's passionate and excited about everything. He's funny in italian but it even translates into english. Take a wee gander:

And I LOVE listening to the way he expresses himself. He finds such funny ways to say what he wants to say. I love that. I sometimes wonder if I sound like this when I speak foreign languages. You just reach for any word that can help you express what you want to say. They know what you want to say but...a native wouldn't ever say it like that. But...I almost think it's better. haha


Last one and then I'm stopping. This is my all-time favorite Roberto interview--partially because I think Conan is hilarious too. Anywho, if you haven't gotten enough of my italian friend yet, here's a classic:

"My favorite commandment: Love and do what do you want."

Anyway, I just got a little taste of Italy tonight and wanted to give you the translated version. He's a delight. If you get the chance to watch one of his films, it'd be worth your while.

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  1. Ok, I see why you love him. Thanks for the great laugh!