Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Drumroll please....(literally)....DJOLE

So I came up to school almost a week early because I had a job interview in the temple cafeteria. It would have been sweet hours, good pay, and (naturally) a lovely work environment. I was therefore pretty bummed that I didn't get it. Not anymore. If I got that job, then I wouldn't be able to do THIS for an hour and a half every Tuesday:

Today was my first day of African Dance. I am so glad that I didn't have to drop this class because it was incredible today. It is the first time that I've been in a class when you literally cannot have any inhibitions. It was hilarious and so fun. After she'd teach us something new, I'd just shake my head smiling. It's so fun. I have a friend from my ward who's hilarious and has taken this class 4 times. 4 times! So she's incredible at it and gets way into it. All of my job applications say I can work ANY night but Sunday and Tuesday. Time for worship, and time for dance. Priorities=straight as an arrow right?

We learned Djole dancing today--the kind from the video. Honestly, I went into the class just kind of expecting to shake it. Wrong wrong wrong. There's just so much movement happening all of the time. I adore every second. I learned quickly that my hair needed to be pulled up and to dress lighter. Soo much sweaty goodness happening. There are like 10 drummers in our class that drum for us. A bunch of them have dreadlocks longer than my hair has ever been and I secretly think they're so cool. haha So regardless of the fact that some of my other classes are going to be mentally intense this semester, I know I'll look forward to this one every week. I left class smiling, tired, thirsty, energized, and stoked for next Tuesday. They're doing a performance in October and I'll probably do it with them. haha And I'm probably going to take this class again next semester. And when I go to Africa one day after I graduate, they're going to be impressed...and then teach me more. :)


  1. Hilarious and...not at all surprising. May I please have a demonstration next time I see you?

  2. You better bring a cd home because we are definitely going to need a demonstration. And there will be laughing!

  3. So whilst enjoying this gem all I can think about is you and I rockin to that awesome african dance on the Wii. If it is anything like that... well the work out must be incredible and your sides must hurt from laughing.

  4. Ok, your little crush on the drummers...not so secret anymore! I just love that you love this! You are a much braver woman than I am, for sure. So, maybe a little demo at the next Callister reunion. We still do talent shows, right? Love, love, love you!!