Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spiritual snackpack

My zipcode has returned to that of Blowgan.

I drove up, unpacked, and...uh...wrote in my journal on a pretty hill on campus. Yipes. School or employment couldn't come soon enough. Although the time to think and write down what I think was refreshing. Is it awkward that I love reading through old entries in my journal? I'm always surprised by little details that I'd forgotten about and something about reading it from my own hand makes it feel like I'm literally living it all over again. Wow. Tangent. It just made me realize (like I have many a time before) that I need to be better at writing in my journal. I love blogging and stuff, but I do actually keep somethings private...despite what you might think from reading this.

I'm settling in for bed just trying to decide how I will spend my last few moments of consciousness for the day and I'm torn between a silly tv show, or a book from an author that blows my mind to bits. Huh. That was an oddly graphic way of expressing my admiration for him. Anywho, I've only read a couple of pages when I came across a doozy of a sentence that sunk into me for a long while as I continued to think about it and how I felt about it. It's from a book called "Yearning For the Living God" by F. Enzio Busche. Just chew on this for a sec k?

"True joy comes only through developing the reality of closeness with the living God"

I'm just saying...I've been rereading it for a few minutes now just thinking and...it's spiritual deliciousness isn't wearing off. Just thought I'd share.

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