Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lasts, beautiful moments, Joshua to the Groban

  • Well hot dang! I leave for school in like...2 days. I'm excited, nervous, skeptical, and optimistic at the same time. I cannot believe that summer has already come to a close and that it's time for me to start my (just wait for it)...LAST year of my undergrad! Woot woot!
  • Last night was my very LAST night working at Red Mango. That's right, my career of working as an underpaid yogurt specialist has come to a close. Last night was actually super fun. One customer stopped and looked at me at the register and said, "Thank you for being so nice. It seems like all of the people that work here are rude and snobby. You are just so kind. Tell us your name, we're going to tell Lauren. (the owner)". Sweet right?
  • Also, the last 40 minutes of work were at a stand still. I believe Lady Gage knows the answer: Just Dance. We were all caught up on our work so we turned up the work CD and shook it real good. Zero regrets. A super part-time, minimum wage job doesn't necessarily have a lot of perks, but how often will I be able to have a dance break on the job? Seizing the moment was the only option.
  • Can I share a beautiful moment with you? I was in Texas visiting my darling sister and fam and had such a lovely moment in testimony meeting. It probably won't be that big of a deal to anybody else but I found it beautiful in it's simplicity and sincerity. Two different boys (probably 10-13??) got up to bear their testimonies. Both of them said the following phrases: "I want to get married in the temple. I want to serve a mission one day." I don't know why it hit me but I just instantly loved them. How often do you hear young MALES publicly and willingly express their desire to marry in the temple? It was darling that that's where their desires are and they could say it. Beautiful.
  • The second boy added this little phrase which I found incredible lovely as well, "I want to do the right thing." Call me a sap (I have been listening to a lot of Italian Josh Groban lately), but that was beautiful. What a pure and lovely desire. How many people honestly have 'doing the right thing' as their motive? It really made me reflect on what passes through my mind before I make choices and if I can honestly say that I have that pure desire to just always do the right thing--punto. Loved that.
  • Speaking of Josh Groban, my friend Ashlee and I hit up his concert. Yipes. Not a disappointment. I listen to all kinds of music. I adore variety too much to just limit myself to one genre, but there is something legitimately satisfying about listening to that mans music. It seems like the motive of certain bands out there is to numb you--make you not feel anything whatsoever. It is for that reason that I can't get enough of a musician that makes you feel something. Odd that that is something so out-of-the-ordinary right? I love that mans music.
  • More Josh Groban tid bits, Ashlee and I find our behavior hilarious sometimes and were...umm...doing some dancing during the concert. We got asked to settle down by the gentleman sitting next to us. His constant texting and inattentiveness spoke volumes for his lack of desire to be there. His wife is clearly the neck in their relationship. Dear future husband, please take me to a Josh Groban concert on occasion please. If I promise we can make out afterward, would that make it worth your while? I hope my grandmas don't read this.
Well I pinky swear this time to deliver pictures on my next post. Lots of stuff coming up: job interview, cute-ifying my room in Blowgan, themed parties to throw, races to register for, classes to take and friends to make. I'll probably include you in more than you'd like. Deal with it. :)


  1. How fun that you went to a groban concert! That sounds like something that you could make extra specially exciting. Miss your face.

  2. My favorite song of his is Canto Alla Vida!