Thursday, August 25, 2011

I've got a case of the rambles

  • My mouth is mocking me via canker sores. One on the top of my mouth, mind you. I've heard that your mouth is one of the fastest healing places on your body. Well prove it. haha Mine have been throwing a romping party for several days now and they're not rocking my world. If that sounded like I'm whining, I'm not. I don't really care. I'm just fascinated, that's all.
  • Also, I put my retainers in last night and woke up with both of them of my mouth and next to my very own torso. What is that about?!
  • A band that has been really rocking my world lately is going to grace us with its presence here in Logan on Monday! My joy is full. Yes yes, to the brim.

I know the guitarist and mandolinist (though they're usually playing the drums and guitar) so it'll be cool to finally see them live because they're nothing but marvelous through the speakers in my vehicular.
  • Feeling hot hot hot. My room is the opposite of drafty but there are no screens on my windows. The every burning question remains: Do I sweat my way through bedtime or feed every insect that finds its way into my room with my sweet nurturing blood? Consider my goat got.
  • My room is completely decorated. EXCEPT I have this killer cool flag from the island off of Italy that I lived on and I really want to hang it up. How does one do that when I'm not allowed to put any holes in the wall? Any suggestions? I think it's so cool but I'm stumped with how to get it to stay. Let me know if you have a solution. I wish that there was a magic spell that could solve my problems. "Flaggicus Stickicus!" Wow. Nerd.
  • I met a new roommate today. She goes by the name of Candy and her homeland is that of Peru. I got all excited and said, "Ooo I love Peruvians!" haha And she was pleased by this. Just because I've met a bunch of Peruvians in Italy and consider them friends, it's like I have the right to positively stereotype everyone from that land.


  1. Call your landlord and tell him you don't have a screen on your window. Though it might not be wise to leave your window open all night. (Remember Elizabeth Smart?) He should be responsible to at least get you a screen. Love and miss you! Good luck job hunting.

  2. Barbarus neatikus. Call supercutsicus. now...icus. I'm with mom, get a screen on that baby quick! no reason to roast or feed the beasts of the air.