Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The latest of bulleted ramblings...

  • I am magically delicious. I wouldn't wish this quality on anybody. I went star gazing with a friend the other night--for 30-45 minutes--and the wee bits of exposed skin were buffeted upon by mosquitoes. (yes, I looked up the spelling for that word. Judge if you must). One of my feet has literally ten massive bites on it which I have shamelessly scratched in a perfect display of no self control. Wow. I should only go out in the day time.
  • Speaking of...summer time is coming to a swift close. I'm freaking out. I have one month to rid myself of a farmers tan that shouldn't exist this late in the game. I have the unfortunate resemblance of corpse dipped in elmers glue. Being Vitamin D deficient is not a good look for me. I have work to do before summer's over.
  • Robert Pattinson: I, like all of the other 13-year old females, found him to be a bit of a casting mistake in the Twilights flicks. ya-da-ya-da. The point is: I saw "Water for Elephants" and...didn't have a problem finding positive feelings for him. Is it the tamed eyebrows? The hair not trying to defy gravity? Or lines obviously written by a girl like, "You're a beautiful woman. You deserve a beautiful life." that unfortunately get me every time? Unknown. But he was not a series of unfortunate events in that flick.
  • I'm leaving for a week in Texas tomorrow. Woot woot!! I'm soo excited to play with my wonderful sister, her son that is websters definition of darling, chilling with my cool bro-in-law, and any and all things Texas. I l-o-v-e- being the minority. Have we talked about this before? I just love it.
Well there you have it. Another bulleted post of my ramblings. I promise to post pictures on my next one. Til then...bisoux, baci, kisses!

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  1. In response to your question, I am thinking very much about doing the halloween half again this year...hopefully actually completing it this time rather than busting my ankle up on mile one. Anyway, it would be fun :-) I am super slow, so no worries there. Also, I am terrified of doing a marathon, and I don't think I will be doing one anytime soon, a half is my cap in terms of the amount of training I can do currently, but I do LOVE Triathlons. Where are you living right now, because it would be fun to get together for a real in person chat...thoughts?