Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trying to speak my language

My roommate and I showed up at a house of a bunch of guys in our ward last night. (I guess yesterday one of them gave her the favorite, vague, "you should stop by sometime." and she was going to take him up on it.) I had just finished journaling and eating zucchini and felt that showing up at someones house sounded like a swell idea.

They were cool and we had fun hanging out with them. During my jog this morning something popped back into my mind that I'd forgotten about. I thought it was funny. We've all served missions and for some reason we were talking about mine in Italy (there were zero tantrums thrown on my part regarding the conversation choice) and one of the guys said, "Ah, I've always wanted to learn Italian......Si, bueno."

Awkward silence. Lots of laughter. Uh...that wasn't Italian.


  1. SI, BUENO!
    So so so hilarious.
    I can't believe you are back already. Also that my phone or yours or both are stupid and can't communicate on the same DAY.
    Can you still do Timp with us? We are thinking Sept. 3 or 10.
    Text me (yikes) or facebook me or blog me or somesing. Because I really want you to be able to come.

  2. :) darling i miss you. I love how you write and reading your blog makes me just miss you more and wish you were here and we were talking. ci sentiamo presto