Friday, August 26, 2011

Well...Here it goes...

Well Blowsville, you're putting up a tough fight, but I WILL find employment here. I spent the afternoon calling every place that I drove by to see if they needed hired help. I picked up an application to any and every place that's even "accepting applications". I'm trying to have the best of attitudes about it. It's kind of annoying being rejected time and time again...especially by jobs that I feel overqualified for. I guess I'm just supposed to learn to be humble and patient? Riddle me why those are Gods favorite lessons to teach me. My standards have dropped, my desperation has heightened, and hopefully I'll be working someplace soon...even if it's minimum wage.

I figure as long as my attitude is better than this lass

then I'm doing a-okay. :)


  1. Mallory how do you find these awful youtubes? I'm glad your attitude is better than Debbie Downers too! Wouldn't she make a fun room mate? Yikes

  2. By the's official...I CAN'T HAVE CHILDREN!!!