Monday, February 28, 2011

Random goods

I probably shouldn't be blogging right now but I'm doing it anyway. I just finished a riveting paper comparing the mortality rates between the U.S. and the Dominican Republic and I just want to write my own thoughts for a second. Random goods from this last week:

I went to Starbucks because, you guessed it, it reminds me of Europe. The girl that was working says to me, "OMFG is your hair naturally curly?"

Wow. So many thoughts. First of all, when did we add an 'f' to that acronym? Secondly, are you texting me outloud? Are we doing that now? "LOL that's actually a FAQ. It is naturally curly, actually. Well GTG!" haha I mean really. It's not that I didn't appreciate her compliment, I did. That was very sweet of her and she really didn't have to say anything and yet she did. I more just found the acronym good that made me laugh. Maybe I'm 100% out of the loop but...I just didn't know we were getting so lazy that we can't just text acronyms, but we have started saying them out loud to each other too. Hilarious.

Another funny comment from the week. While walking through the parking lot on my way to the library, two football players were walking my direction and we were going to pass eachother. Well they asked how I was doing and I said, the reflex, "good. How are you?" Then they did some compliment paying..."I like your hair." That's nice to say right? "Thank you." I respond. He made it a lot less complimentary by his follow-up. "It's them curls. They really do something for me." Hmm....exiting stage right. haha How am I supposed to respond to that? Congratulations sir, you have just made me feel awkward and like I'm wandering around Europe late at night. haha Good times.

So I was talking to a friend in my major the other day and she said that there are so many sports players in all of our classes because our major is the easiest one on campus. Awkward. I had no idea it had that reputation. Now I kind of feel like a git for when I'm stressed out. haha Yipes, remind me to be less proud of my major when people ask me about it. It is, after all, the easiest one on campus. Just ask the kid in the parking lot who my hair does something for.

We went to a basketball game on Saturday. I don't know why but I can't take the text off underline. Judge me if you must, but just pay it no mind. The game was wonderful. My roommate is hard core and goes to all of the games hours beforehand. We were on the third row, right with all of the insane fans that yell ridiculous but mostly hilarious comments. After 2 years at BYU-Idaho where sports/school spirit is not really prevalent, I enjoy every second of basketball games. It is my favorite sport to watch and I'm so sad that was the last one of the season. Good thing we one eh?


  1. Yes, we all know your hair is fabulous. I'm glad the world is clueing in...except for random athlete man. Wish he would not.
    Sounds like you've had a good week. I hope you're not losing your mind with school this week! You'll be off next week if i'm not mistaken! Enjoy!!!

  2. mall you do have awesome hair. without a doubt. you're blessed.

  3. OMG, such hilarity. Wish I could have gone to Starbucks too. I love basketball too. All other sports are for the birds!