Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quirk Revealing

I am about to reveal a quirk. I'm going to the airport today on my way to Texas to see my sister. Airports usually rub everybody the wrong way, right? The long lines, worrying about if your bag weighs too much, the unwanted pat-downs at security (that was a rough introduction back to normal life at a layover on my way home from the mish. haha). Well while I'm well aware that many people hate the whole process, I love it--not the awkward security pat downs but everything else.I love walking into the airport seeing all of the rushing people, looking at the flight board and just wondering where everyone is going. I love extra time before my flight. I love people watching. I love wandering around the airport to all of the little shops--not to buy anything but just because I have time to take a gander. I love going into the magazine shops and "tourism" shops that usually sell the most bizzare gear that supposedly represents their state. For this purpose, I love layovers. Airports can be so interesting to me and the changing accents/little quirks are fun to pick out.

I love so much about the flight too. I just find so much of it funny and amusing and somehow that just makes me love everything about it. For example, the blue staticy blanket. I love it. I have no idea why. It's not that soft, nor warm, nor lengthy by any means, and yet I love ripping it out of its little plastic bag and pretending like it's just the ticket. I love the tiny bathrooms. I usually make a point of drinking a lot of liquid because I find the bit size bathrooms thousands of miles up to be hilarious. I love the in-flight snack. Does anybody else have a usual? I always get peanuts and cranapple juice. Okay, occasionally I'll get ginger ale. I've tried having peanuts and cranapple juice on land and the experience is so mediocre. Something about the ambiance and being in flight going somewhere exciting makes something as ordinary as peanuts and a staticy blanket a complete delight. Part of the reason why it's all enjoyable it is the fact that I'm there usually means I'm about to have a great adventure--go somewhere I've never been, see things I've never seen, talk to strangers, take lots of pictures, and just have an experience that makes me want to write down every detail so I never forget a thing. I love it. My Texan adventure starts in only a few hours and it starts at the SLC airport. Pictures and stories to come...

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  1. Yay I found your blog. I never get on mine, I should get better at that because I do love the idea of blogs. I just have to say that I love airports too! I love flying and getting on and off the planes and all the fun people you see and souviners to buy. My favorite part of marching band in high school was probably all the places I got to go in airplanes. For the longest time I was even thinking about becomeing a flight attendent so that I could ride them everyday. I love you Mal. Have fun in Texas.