Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I only spent like 24 hours at home but for some reason there's always something nice about even a little of time spent there. Late night talks with my mama, teasing my funny sister, and visiting a few friends,etc
Exhibit A
Miss Layne~ Sometimes we go to breakfast at Kneaders and have ourselves some french toast, good laughs, and lovely conversation about life post-mission and present in Utah. Every time I'm with her it reminds me of how much I adore her and the non-coincidental..ness with which we were put in the same MTC group. We spent PE time together in the MTC, served on the island at the same time, wrote throughout our missions (which I loved in every way), and never feel disappointed with our play time together. In fact, we even took a nice trip to Target in search of colored tights. They've been on my list of wardrobe items that I've wanted for a while. In Italy they have a store dedicated to the fashion wonder of tights. The store's called Calzedonia. It's like le Louvre of tights! colors, patterns, cuts, etc. We picked up some really cute plum colored ones. Now we just need to plan something wonderful to wear them to.
Haha I love us so much.
High school ladies! Miss Lindsey is engaged. I'm so happy for her. Though I've never met the lucky lad, he must obviously be wonderful cause dear Linds lights up when she talks about him. We stopped by her very popular bridal shower and got to see her for a quick bit.

Me, Linds, Min, and Stac
Short but fun. I really need to make a trip down that isn't only 24 hours. Fun to be had.


  1. haha. oh I love us. Even more then plum tights and kneaders french toast. And those letters on the mission were life savers. Did I read on fb that you're sick?! Can I bring you anything??