Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear, giddy freshmen

So it's a long story but I'm a member of a club here called "The Storytellers Committee". Permission granted, by-the-way, at your desire to laugh. I find myself laughing about it all the time. Not only am I a member of this group, but somehow I've wound up on the committee and spend time making phone calls to nursing homes to see if we can read the newspaper with its residents. haha Kinda random but I'm actually excited because I think it sounds fun. Anywho, we haven't started that weekly activity yet but...since I'm kind of in charge of it, I'll keep you posted.

So...because I got put on the committee, when it was time for the service fair, I had to be there. It was a day when all of the service clubs on campus met in the student center with a booth and told people about opportunities to serve and had them sign up if they wanted to join. So I spent a couple hour shift at this booth getting passers by excited about the idea of helping at elementary schools and nursing homes. ha Well at the service fair I was sporting this:

Super big, obviously fake. And yet, I think those things make it hilarious and therefore wear it on occasion. Well there were two girls that were signing up for our e-mailing list and they caught a glimpse of it. They gasped and asked in almost awed disbelief, "Is that your engagement ring?"

Consider me torn. Part of me smirked inside and, just because I wanted to see what they'd say, really wanted to tell them 'yes' with a straight face. Ah, the lies I want to tell sometimes just because I find life funny.

The other part (the part that won) gave a reflex laugh and said, "Oh no no. It's totally fake." I've worn it a couple of times since then and when I catch a glimpse of it during the day it usually makes me laugh a bit that someone honestly thought it was real, and represented "I belong to someone". Good times promoting nursing home literacy.

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