Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday stroll...

Roommates out of town. Dear friend feeling quite ill so I couldn't spend lots of time with her. Not a huge fan of naps and don't do homework on Sundays so...going for a sunday stroll seems like a good way to use some of my time post-church. Here's some Blowgan:Random objects around campus. I'd never realized how many there were until I walked around an empty campus. Yeah, there's crazy stuff like this pretty often. Is it a duck? A dollop of daisy? haha You tell me. But it seemed picture worthy.Ever since Italy and a delightful store called Calzedonia, I've always wanted colored tights. They're very plumy. But I like them. They're not void of personality. Let's just say that.This is Old Main. I have pretty much all of my classes in this building. I have always thought it was cool looking but it seemed especially pretty on Sunday. I'll add another one later.Mystified by the silver rings. I initially thought they were a place to put bikes but...I don't think that's what they're for. Decoration? Why not. "You know what we need here in this patch of land? I'd say three rows of silver rings protruding from the ground."
Aaandd one more of Old Main. After starring at it and taking many a picture, it almost started to look like a castle to me. I guess if I look hard enough I can find things that I loved about Europe all around me. Castles, random art objects, and a little color to my legs. Happy sunday indeed.


  1. You look amazing my dear. Have you lost more weight? I mean other than the 9 stomach flu pounds? Seriously, we must chat about your picture altering prowess.

  2. Very cool photos. But way too much time on your hands. How lucky you are! I would love to wander around taking cool photos and time to blog about it. Only Q: Where are the guys? I didn't see ANY in your photo...

  3. Looking good. Love the bright tights. Great pictures. Miss your face.