Monday, February 21, 2011

One fortnight...

3 Day weekend. My roommates and I thought it'd be a brilliant idea to go back to the days when we were like...8 years old, and build a fort! And look what we have created: Truly a masterpiece. Our couches are tipped on their sides + yarns strung about + blankets + clothes pins + Christmas lights! It's magical. You could probably fall in love in there. haha It took a little while to figure out how to construct it so it'd be nice and sturdy but we figured it out.
I can't find my battery charger for my camera so I stole these pics from my roomies. They insisted we watch "17 Again" because I'd never seen it. It was a joy. I'm pretty sure everything is funnier in our little fort as well. Which might be partly why Sunday (which can seem like a long day for a non-studying on sunday college student) was such a great day. Lots of talking and laughing---seriously I don't know what it is but everything is funnier in there. haha
Our FHE mom texted me and asked if we could have family prayer at our apartment and I said yes....but gave her some fore-warning on the fort. It was a hit. We all got inside and had family prayer and they stayed for probably another hour. I don't have pictures with them but it was a good time.Me, Whit and Tinille
Can you tell the couch behind me is vertical?haha It's gonna be a sad day when we have to take it down. We've had some crazy good times in this little fort. I feel like I haven't seen them all semester because I've been everywhere all at once so it was fun to have some girl time and just be completely ridiculous together. Tomorrow we'll have to go back to school, rarely see eachother because we're always studying, and sleep in our own rooms with zero twinkly lights. I'm pretty sad about it. But this coming weekend we're planning on letting out our stress with hamster racing. I'll take pics. :)


  1. How do you come up with this stuff? That fort is serious business. Incredible. Can't wait to hear about the hamster racing...and also a little afraid to hear about the hamster racing.

  2. What was it we sent you to school for? Preschool fort building 101? You better get an A!

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  4. Oh dear mom please don't even worry. I do plenty of studying but who wants to read a blog post about that?! I do have to do something on occasion to destress. But seriously, during the week I don't even see my roommates because I'm not home. i love you mom and I love my education too. :)

  5. Ha Ha! That is awesome! I am very impressed; you definitely have to pepper in the de-stressing or else you just might explode from the pressure. Mya would have had a hayday in that treasure and if I must admit I probably would have too. Love you!!