Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh crepe!

If it's not already bad enough that I still miss Paris 3 years later (seriously, thankfully I've never had a bad break up because mylanta I can't even get over a location!), I also have the flaw of repeatedly doing things that remind me of it. One thing that we did in Paris, and not on the rare occasion, was treat ourselves to some right nice crepes.

The other day, my friend Kori and I were walking around on campus and stumbled upon a table of coupon books. We've decided that venturing to the random discounted places will provide us with some entertainment up here. Well to our surprise, and opposite of disappointment, there was a coupon for a crepe place. Uh...yeah, consider us in! Kori and I have both lived in Paris (unfortunately at seperate times) and there was something that made me smile inside at the fact that I knew we would be comparing these crepes to the real thing....cause you know, we've had them and stuff. haha Well they had legit crepe makers. Like the kind our egyptian friends made our Parisian crepes off of. So...check!

One of the workers overheard us mention that we'd been to paris and he kept saying things like, "Oh yeah...we uh....import all the ingredients from paris and stuff." Pleased. Laughable moment of the evening: the worker telling us the numerous requests he gets of people wanting ketchup or ranch dipping sauce. Pretty much a parisian food sin. Ketchup and ranch?! haha

This crepe place is in an old house. They have it decorated really cool which, to a person like me, just makes it more lovely.

I'm gonna go ahead and call the evening a success. Nutella banana crepe, wrapped in wax paper (which was a pleasant, "authentic" bonus.) haha It was blissful. On the downside, I woke up the next day with food poisoning. Oh my dear life. haha


  1. oh my. I want one...without the poisoning please!

  2. yes. yes. yes. minus the food poisoning! there's this place here in provo called the chocolate that is also in a charming house. we should go and indulge ourselves next time you come south. only if we go to this place when I come up north!

  3. Sounds great. Sign me up. You look fantastic, by the by.