Saturday, January 29, 2011

But Baby It's Cold Inside...

Our utilities bill was larger than we'd wanted last semester. We decided in November/December to keep our thermostat a little lower and just dress warmer so we could save moolah on our heating. Brilliance right? We're practically a budget conscious married couple...except we're not married...and there are three of us. Mmm...analogy no longer very accurate. Moving forward...

I went home for 3 weeks at Christmas time. It was everything delightful. The day before coming back to Loblan, I read my friends blog (who lives here) and she wrote about how bitter cold it was and how she had to sleep with an extra pair of socks. let the mental preparedness begin.

I drove up to Loblan, unloaded my stuff in my apartment, and it was frigid. I was so surprised by the level of freezingness. I slept with an extra pair of socks, wrapped myself in my blanket, had a sweat shirt on, burried myself in my big pretty comforter, and wished I could have hid my head in my bed too because it was super cold. The thermostat said 70 degrees, but I'm telling you, I felt like Sanka from Cool Runnings... The next couple of days felt the same. I kept thinking that I needed to stop being a baby. We were saving moolah, and it wasn't even that cold--I mean, 70 degrees should be totally bearable. But what was cool was when I walked outside, it didn't feel that cold outside. I guess the lack of drastic temperature change (even if just in my mind) made going outside not even a big thang.

Next day, my friend Kori and I watched Bend It Like Beckham on my couch--wrapped in a blanket, sweat shirts on, and we couldn't feel our noses. Peculiar. I'm hardly awesome at temperature guaging, I kept thinking about how uncomfortably cold 70 degrees is.

I kept layering and dealing with it, feeling tough and imagining how miniscule our heating bill was going to be. I ran into my roommate on her way out and I made a comment in passing like, "It's sure cold in here isn't it...haha". She said, "Yeah, that's because the heat is off." Yes er'body, there was snow outside and this is the beginning of January we're talking about. haha I just died laughing and felt less crazy about being shiverlicious for a couple of days.

We're going to lower our utility bill. We really are. But we're most definitely turning on the heat.


  1. Mallory, if you are ever really cold you are always welcome to come chill (no pun intended) at our place. Our heat is included in the rent,(we actually don't have control over the temperature)and it is always warm. maybe a bit too warm at times. :)