Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bulleted update of the festivities...

Well three weeks of festivities were the bomb-diggity. But alas, all good things come to an end--including my Christmas vaca. I'm back in Blowsville and here's some of the latest bullet points in my life:
  • My sister Kimmy had a cute, bouncy baby boy. We got to skype with them several times over the break--each time was splendid. It just was a blow up the kilt that they couldn't be here for the holidays so I could have late night chats with my sis and squeeze both of my cute nephews.
  • There was a fair amount of time dedicated to dancing--Just Dance 3 and Michael Jackson dancing on the wii. Super fun and I'm definitely going through withdrawals up here at school. Good thing my African Dance class starts Tuesday and my Aerobic Kickboxing class (yeah, that's no misprint, I just said that) starts tomorrow.
  • Speaking of fitness, it was fun to have some workout buddies over the break. My friend Jacquel and I worked out to a little Jillian and also tried Insanity. I don't know if you've heard of that before but it's just that--insane. An hour of cardio circuits that are awesome, yet make you sweat all over the place. It was fulfilling. If I had money throwing up out of my pockets I might invest in that. ALSO I got to workout with Adam and Camarie. They brought P90x and we did that several times. INCREDIBLE. One day I did Insanity and P90x in one day. My muscles hated me after that. Though oddly satisfying.
  • Fun game nights. Psychiatrist, Boxers or Briefs, Cat and Mouse, etc. I always love a quality game night and we got several out of this break.
  • Santa rained a bit of Christmas moolah on me and I got to do some shopping with Ad, Cam, and Kenz. We hit up the outlets and did quite a great job. I can't believe I used to hate shopping. I just thoroughly enjoy it now. How did Rachel (on Friends) get a killer cool personal buyer job? haha Can I please shop for people or host a travel show?
  • We hit up the movie theater a time or two with few, if any, disappointments. My favorite would probably be Mission Impossible 4. I genuinely adored that film from start to finish. No f-bombs, no awkward scandalous scenes--which is rare these days. Great story, super cool missions and props, well cast. was an enjoyable few hours.
  • I worked New Years Eve but got off in time to drive home and celebrate in the basement of our home. Ad, Cam, Kenz and I somehow spent the first hour of the new year talking about ways we'd keep warm under the most extreme conditions. Nothing practical--at all. Things like: Having a bunch of giants breathe on you, jumping into a volcano, cutting off your leg with a light saber and holding it for warmth. Yes, it was late at night and we were dying laughing for an hour with this nonsensical game.

  • Playtime with friends: Stephanie, Stacy, Lindsey, Mindy, Jacquel, Ashlee, Whitney and Layne were very enjoyable outtings. I just love getting together with old friends.
  • I worked yesterday, where they announced that I'm employee of the month...again!! haha I couldn't believe it. That's the second month in a row. Granted, this time I share the title with another great girl. But how hilarious and random is that? I'll happily accept a 20 buck bonus on my paycheck.
  • I taught Sunday School today and it was actually so fun. People were participating and it just felt really fun instead of like I was standing in a field with crickets chirping. crickets chirp?
  • Sacrament meeting was great. I had a lot of things that I was able to reflect on, that I want to improve. I just feel really hopeful and excited for a new year and the opportunity to start again and fix things that I want to change. It's a good thing.
School starts tomorrow! I'll be better at posting. Hope you had a great holiday. Bisoux!


  1. sounds like a fantastic break. and aerobic kickboxing is FUN!!

  2. "Blow up the kilt???" Ha ha! Miss you and your cute family!!!

  3. Oh so sad I missed all those awesome festivities! Sounds like a blast and a half. I'm glad your class went well. You sure teach a lot. I can't wait to hear about aerobic kickboxing and all of your other new classes! Miss your face!!!

  4. You darling lady, it was SO wonderful to have you here! I wish there would have been more times to just hang but life gets in the way sometimes eh?
    Lots of love to you!!