Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This day actually came...and went...and I didn't pull anything awkward

Well well where to start? What does the average festive american do on Saturday October 30 early in the morning? Probably not smearing dirt colored make-up on their face, putting on a ripped shirt and getting ready to run 13.1 miles. Nope, seems like a silly idea right? Well, that's what I did. I was nervous. What do I eat for dinner the night before? What do I eat for breakfast? How many times should I go to the bathroom before the race to be SURE I won't have to go during? So many questions running through my head and ...really nothing to do but put my hair up in a side-bun and just run.

I'm pretty sure I loved everything about having this experience with everyone (or most people) dressed up as something ridiculous. Lots of where's waldos, bumble bees, skeletons, nurses, indians, and...whatever those girls are in front of me in this picture--something cutesy and tutu-like. Well, maybe I just feel a need to go against the grain, but...I was a hobo and therefore finishing looking sweaty and dishelved only made me feel more in character.

I roped my friend Kori into running with me. She was dressed as an indian but apparently shed the costume as soon as she crossed the finish line. So...I didn't realize what a less-intelligent life choice I made until I was re-telling the story to Kori. I decided at the beginning of the race to run with a pacer--someone who runs at the same pace the whole time. That way I'd know how fast I was going and how long it'd take me to finish the race. Well...the first mile of the race I went a bit faster and was way ahead of the pacer. I thought, "Hey, I know. I'll slow down and wait for the pacer to catch up to me." So I did. And they didn't catch up. I kept slowing down and in the end...kind turned back to run with them. haha Probably should have been a sign that I could have run faster but...I know that for next time?

Adam and Camarie were amazin'. They went to several parks to cheer me on, give me a sports drink, and I even got Adam to jog with me for a wee bit. It was so nice to see them so much during the race because I thought (because the race was coming out of the mountains and on fast roads) that I wouldn't see anybody til' the finish line. Thanks so much guys. You are the wind beneath my wings. haha I don't know where that came from but I'm not going to delete it.

I was super surprised that the whole fam came out to see me finish the race. It was so nice of them to drop their Saturday afternoon plans to see a sweaty hobo hobble across the finishline. I love them. They're pretty much Websters definition of wonderful. Well the race is over. It took me 2 hours and 26 minutes (including going back for the pacers as if they were soldiers left behind). Not the speediest one in the bunch but I didn't walk, pass out, pull any muscles, turf it and cross the finish line bleeding, or...anything else awkward. It was so satisfying to do something that I'd worked for for 3 months. Loved it.
Aaanndd they got me flowers. Flowers=gorgeous. Family= so thoughtful. Thanks so much for being so wonderful and supportive. It was really a great great day. But now it's Tuesday. I'm already feeling stir crazy and it's only been 3 days. So...now what? Well, as soon as I can walk like a normal human being, I'm gonna hit the gym and start training for something else.


  1. I'm telling you-you and Adam should do triathlons! You are both good swimmers and runners. Now you just need to start biking. Great job Mallory! I love you and think you are awesome!

  2. I love you and think you are awesome too! Well done my dear. I hadn't heard the story about you turning back to run with the pacer. That's a hoot. I'm glad there were no accidents of any kind on your race and that you are totally feeling up to another. You're pretty stinkin' amazin'. And you looked way too hot to pass as a hobo. Sorry but that's how it is.

  3. you make me laugh out loud. I'm so glad you're letting me have a peek at your life.

  4. sei bella sorella! I'm so proud of you for running this like a champ! way to be!!!! ti voglio un barca di bene. and like the others who have already commented, I LOVE reading your thoughts and how you express yourself. you have a gift.