Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh what a night...

Our ward does a pretty a-okay job at planning activites to keep us busy and get us holding hands. Yup, the bishopric is especially enthusiastic about activities that encourage the latter. haha Welcome back to Utah Mal. There has been much talk and publicity about the ward barn dance. I was torn about how it was gonna go down and whether or not I was okay with the idea. Things like this generally go one of two ways: Hilarious good time or...impeccably awkward. The only image that came to mind when I thought of a barn dance was this:Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Classic flick. Who DIDN'T want to get in on this barn dance? Though I still had my doubts. This is a ward activity, not a scene from a charming old school film. If we're being honest with ourselves, there's obviously high awkwardness potential.

Final verdict: actually pretty fun. Lots of stepping on toes and people who took it way too seriously and found mistakes entirely unacceptable. My feelings on the matter were if you mess up, just clap, do-si-do and make loud enthusiastic sounds.

Not all in our group had a hilarious good time at the barn dance so we went to Angie's to "Clean the Sink". There are people all around town that have bumper stickers that say, "I cleaned the sink at Angie's". I have spent much time not understanding the pride in going to the local diner and helping them with spring cleaning. My roommate Whitney and her sister Tinille decided it was time for my friend Kori and I to understand what it actually meant.
This is the sink at Angie's. It is full of ice cream and we were supposedly supposed to "clean" it... with our faces or something. I apparently can't do anything without adding another element to it so I suggested we do something to keep us going and encourage us to do it. hummed the beat to "Eye of the Tiger" and went around the circle having to take a bite to the beat. Yeah, I dunno. Apparently we find junk like that entertaining.

Did I wake up that morning thinking, "Hey I should go to a barn dance and then eat large quantities of dairy"? Negative. But that was our Thursday night. Hilarious, random, awkward, and


  1. My oh my...I'm not sure how I would have felt about that activity. A little random but it did accomplish the bishoprics motives, there was hand holding. Too bad you didn't get the poofy dresses, bright shirts and names like 'Dorkus' that would have made it a true sucess for sure.
    PS~ that is the most ginormous ice cream sunday I have ever seen! You would for sure have to train to partake of that beast.

  2. How I would love to clean that sink with you. It looks delightful.
    The barn dance sounds like it could have fun potential. But I'm with Aubs, not the same without the puffy dresses.
    Love the blog face lift by the way. It's spectacular.