Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ladies Night!

This weekend my high school girlfriends all got together for some play time. So many times during the night I thought, "Well my dear, I've forgotten how much I love being with them." Lots and lots of laughing and plenty of catching up to do. Stephanie hosted (because she has a house, her husband was out of town, and she was usually the host back in high school too. She's good at it!). She made homemade pizza, I made an "italian salad", then we somehow ended up showing eachother youtube videos. haha After so much time without playing, somehow we needed to show eachother random finds. Some things never change.

Mindy and I got home from our missions this year, Stephanie has gotten hitched, and Lindsey AND Steph both have their bachelors degrees. I look back at high school and it seems like we all were going through the same things because we had the same schedule. It's funny how different our lives have become from eachother since then. Here's another vid from the slumber bash. ARE we easily amused? You betcha. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Late night talking, story telling, and can I just re-emphasize the laughing? I don't hate a thing about spending long periods of time with these girls. SO much fun. To post a video that is not a complete joke, here is a song and group that Mindy introduced us all to. Fact: I do not feel bothered having to listen to or look at these lads. So here is an audio snack for you:

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