Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rugby = hard to watch but hard to stop watching.

Paris introduced me to many things. One of which is a sport that just so happens to make football players look like pansies. Did I think I was going to be introduced to something like this slash be the slightest bit interested when boarding the plane to go to Paris? No, no I did not. But alas, the Rugby World Tournament in 2007 just happened to be going on in Paris when I lived there. They had some pretty sweet places where we could watch the matches outside. Exhibit A:

Well I no longer live in Paris and therefore cannot enjoy the existence of the sport of rugby in front of the Eiffel Tower but...apparently Americans are trying to make this sport work for them too so Kori and I went to check out a rugby match. The BYU-Idaho yeties (not joking. Can we just have a moment of silence for that?) vs. Utah State
They wear zero padding, pretty much any sort of physical contact is free game. You wanna pull at their jersey and make loud grunting sounds throughout the game? Go ahead. You're a rubgy player. Push 'em, grab their arms, twirl them to the ground, YEAH that kinda stuff happens in pretty much every play! I think I spend most of the game asking myself how I can watch it and also...what's going on...but I don't get up and leave. It's intriguing.

Kori and I at the game. I just got done running for the morning so if I look the opposite of dazzling...that's why.

I heart Kori because she's one of the few people that I don't have to live in reality with. haha I can go off fantacizing about life and she 1. gets it and 2. plays along. It's so satisfying. Topics of conversation during the game: Our need to find an internship in Paris--for obvious reasons and/or in New Zealand--so we can watch the All Blacks. Also, trying to figure out how we can get in with Oprah. I have so many ideas to run past her and...if she feels like letting me help her work in Africa...that wouldn't make me sad.

Let's just take a gander at this for a moment. Do I know what's happening? Sure don't. But I think that just goes to show what an entertaining sport it is. You don't even have to understand what's going on. You can't stop watching. They're hard core. The players of this sport do not mess around. They're always coming off the field super dirty, usually bleeding, and at some time somebody's bound to get a concussion. I think Tide and Band-aid sponsor this sport. They just couldn't do it without them. Anywho, that's all for today. I guess I am a fan of other sports then basketball and tennis. Who knew? Thanks paris.


  1. Hey! I just need to make a correction to this blog because us going to Paris or New Zealand isn't a fantasy it will be a reality.
    That's all I'm going to say about that.


  2. I support you in going anywhere you want as soon as you get your Masters! I don't get Rugby either but I loved cheering for the All Blacks when we were in Italy. I guess it is just more fun in a foreign land. That game looks like it was on BYU-I campus. Did you guys drive up?

  3. I take it back. I looked at the picture and even though the brick is the right color, there are no mountains in Rexburg.

  4. Rugby...agreed-the only way to be. I've told everyone the same thing about our American Football players, they are wimps! The All Blacks hey?...the New Zealanders in my family would love you! They have jerseys all over here and you bet that my brothers and sisters in law each have their it. love rugby.

  5. hey. remember how your life is wonderful and adventerous and you watched Rugby in the US of A? who does that? haha. love you dear. thanksgiving week is just around the corner- our first in a long time. tv un sacco di b