Sunday, November 7, 2010

I heart Modern Day Revelation

This evening Elder Russell M. Ballard spoke during a CES Fireside. Mmm...I love hearing apostles speak. They are so wise and have such amazing advice. He talked about something during his talk that I've been thinking a lot about lately. Self-evaluation. Here are some questions that he posed us:

  • Are you happy with the direction your life and your faith in Jesus Christ are going?

  • Do you read the scriptures everyday?
  • Are you being kind and thoughtful?

There were others but I've just been feeling within the past week the need to really see how I'm doing and where I could improve and be more of a benefit and blessing to the people around me. Random thoughts among many:

  • I want to be better at voicing the compliments that I think in my head. Since when does positive attention do anything but help people feel better? Does any girl NOT want to hear that her hair looks beautiful, how kind you think she is, be thanked for a comment she made that made you think or that she has a wonderful laugh? I'm just sayin...Aaannd I don't know why I aimed all these compliments at girls but...the point of my thought was voicing the kind, positive comments that could make someone's day better.
  • Random pic. Just some people whose existence I appreciate a great deal. Yup, need to tell them that.

  • Does the way that I use my time accurately reflect my priorities? Because of this, I'm doing a week long trial run of banning myself from my waste-of-time activities and I want to START the day with an italian hymn and italian scriptures.

  • Now that my body is no longer grumpy at me from the half marathon, I'm excited to get back into exercising and showing Heavenly Father that I enjoy taking care of myself and allowing it to do things that it's capable of.

Anyway, there are still many goals to set and much to do but I was just so happy to hear a talk about something that I have literally been pondering for like a week. I love answers to prayer and moments when I understand how I can progress to be better and happier.


  1. Inspiring thoughts. All things I can work on too. Thanks for the reminder. By the way, your hair is so BEAutiful.

  2. I too loved his talk. living the basics in life brings real joy. awesome. sei meravigliosa!

  3. Yay!! I'm excited to hear from/about you again. I miss your cute missionary letters (not to rub that in or anything). What a CUTIE you are!!