Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Working in the village, adoring the children and spilling the syrup

We've been pretty busy lately.  Our Monday-Wednesdays are all spent up in Bunabuyoka working on the medical clinic.  The children are literally the cutest things you've seen in your life.  They're beautiful to look at, have heart-melting smiles, and their cute little voices are to die for.  Last week I spent a lot of snuggle and play with time this cute girl:  Sharon.  Can't even handle the cuteness.
We have to fend for ourselves on Sundays for meals.  Last Sunday we made french toast.  I dropped mine on the floor and said near profanities.  I had a syrup covered bossom and had to do some clean up.  But the french toast was ideal!...I got a new piece.  I didn't eat off the floor...obviously.
The villagers at Bunabuyoka had a right nice dance party with us after a meeting.  They sure know how to shake it.  Even the kids have killer cool dance moves.  
Kelsey and I had to teach english to the youngest group of kids in the village.  We taught the alphabet and then the Hokey Pokey.  It was a hit.  Nothing's cuter than watching them put their "whole bodies in" and shaking them about.  Webster could define cuteness like these kids can.  Adorable.
We spent all day one day carrying rocks down the mountain for the foundation of the medical clinic.  How inspiring is it to see these cute kids carrying bigger rocks than you when you think you're tuckered out.  Never was there better reason to keep working.
Here's the clan carrying some of our rocks.  We were all so dirty and sweaty by the end of the day.  But so happy.
Alexis, Josh and Jennilyn.  Alexis and Jennilyn are dang tough...and Josh is mad about it.
We took a break from making bricks and I was chilling with my buddy Derek for a while.  We call him Derek Jeter.  
This is little Rebecca.  We're good friends.  She hangs all over me when I'm within site of her.  I love this little girl.

We're working hard to get the clinic built and I fall more and more in love with these sweet people the more time I spend with them.  If you'd like to donate to the clinic, please feel free to hit up our indie go-go site.  Love you lots.  I'll post more laters.


  1. oh mall, i love you! i love those sweet children and the happy, fulfilled smile you have in all your photos.

  2. I love reading your updates about Africa. So glad you are having this experience. Love ya!

  3. I don't know how on earth you are going to leave those sweet faces. I really can't handle it. what are the chances if I pray really, really hard that my baby will come out looking like that?!

  4. Those little faces are so beautiful and so happy. How wonderful to be able to be around them all day. Love you babe.

  5. Oh I love them all! I bet you are having the best time! PS-I am super in love with your skirt. k thanks, bye.