Sunday, June 10, 2012

Soccer match, stealing, feeling inspired

I have kind of sucked it up when it comes to blogging lately. My apologies.  Here are some pics and deets of the latest and greatest.

You know very well that I can't resist showing you pictures of the children in the Namatala Slum.  I AM in love with them.  The cuteness is without end.
I'm working in a group to teach business and agriculture classes to women in a village about 30 minutes away.  (What I didn't tell you is that you have to voyage on the scariest boda ride of your life to get there.  But now I've told you's out of the bag.)  While we were at the meeting on Thursday, I got this little lady to come sit with me.  She was singing on my lap and happily kicking.  It was one of the most darling things.  I'll try to film her next time.  Want to take her home.  I know it's illegal and that she has parents and stuff but good crap, she's a doll and I adore her.
Look, the beautiful mom.  But...I still covet her baby.  She's so darling.
The next village that we went to in order to teach these classes is the home to the boy pictured below--Moses.  Holy smokes that boy has the most darling laugh.  It was one of the most lovely sounds I've ever heard.  

Last weekend I stayed home from the Nile rafting trip to get a pedicure, watch a movie, and celebrate Ryans b-day.  This weekend, I wanted to bust out of the house and do something fun.  Coincidentally, the whole team went to a Uganda Cranes soccer match.  Boom. We picked up some jerseys, took a four hour bus ride, snuck into the VIP section (pretty sure the only reason we pulled it off is because we're white), and had a hilarious good time.
The Uganda team is not really that great.  They ended up tying with Senegal 1-1.  It was fun to get all crazy and be at a sporting event again.  I loved it.  The thing that was crazy to me is that even with people with their faces painted and bizzarre costumes, we STILL didn't blend in.  People are very aware of where the white people are and it made me uncomfortable being in a big group of whities sometimes.  But for the most part it was all good in the hood.
AFTER the game the fans were going nuts.  The people were tight on the street and acting crazy.  Our friend Freddie (he's Ugandan) saw someone steal a phone out of the backpack of one of our friends (a white person, but not a volunteer).  Freddie full on started beating the man with his yellow horn that he was blowing the whole game.  It was insane.  A crowd formed, and the phone was retrieved.  Robbing is NOT tollerated in this country.  It was crazy to me how fast everyone reacted.  If anyone is seen stealing--by anyone--people chase them down and...get physical.  The sad part is that later that evening, a man came at a sprint, stole the iPhone out of one of our volunteers hands, passed the phone off, but then was caught by a group of people chasing after him and, you guessed it, started beating the lad up.  I can't believe how everyone looks out for each other here.  They don't have to know you but if someone sees someone else take something from you, they sprint after them and take them down.
We had the missionaries over tonight.  It was a wonderful experience.  There aren't a lot of members here and they don't get fed very much so we had them over for french toast and mango juice. haha We'll have them over for something fancier some other time.  But it's the Sabbath and that's what we had. haha Talking to them made me miss the mission so much.  It was such an amazing time of life.  Sometimes I have little moments where it's overwhelming thinking back on that time, what it did for me, how it shaped me, and how I continue to be deeply soaked up in that time of my life.

One of the elders--he's from Zimbabwe--was talking to a couple of us. We talked what a powerful influence music is, the concept of understanding your potential, the missionary work in the area--who's investigating, how they do the work around here, etc.  I was asking him how many members of his family are members of his church.  After a bit of awkward tension about whether or not his father is a member, he informed us that his dad passed away--two weeks ago!  My heart just sunk.   He doesn't have anyone to go home to now.  His eyes pooled with water, but he stayed very controlled.  I can't imagine going through anything like that at all, let alone on the mission. We talked about how different and real the Plan of Salvation becomes when something like that happens.  I sat there in awe of his strength and great faith.  The conversation made me want to be better.  I love those types of conversations.  I love being around people that inspire me and help me understand where I could pick up the slack.  It was a great evening.

Well I've got to go to bed.  We're leaving early in the morning to work on the medical clinic.  If anyone's still interested in donating to the medical clinic or water filters, please visit our Indi gogo site.  We could still use the help. Thanks for the love and support.  Love and miss you!


  1. It is so good to hear from you again and know all is well. Moses also has beautiful eyes! How fun that you all got to attend a soccer game. Adam will be jealous. Have a wonderful week. Here's hoping you don't get sick in the village again. XO Mom

  2. Loving your adventures...keep em coming. :)

  3. Oh that poor sweet missionary. I cannot imagine going through something like that. I just wanna hug him. Good luck at the village this week! Love you.